The boy in the striped pyjamas

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The boy in the striped pyjamas by Mind Map: The boy in the striped pyjamas

1. Bruno: Bruno is the main charactar of the book. He is 9 years old, he has the same age as Shmuel.

1.1. perspectives

1.1.1. He wants to live in Berlin because al his friends are there

1.1.2. He secretly hates his sister a little bit.

1.1.3. Bruno looks up to his father, because his father has a beatiful suit. Bruno thinks it's unfair that his father has more power.

1.1.4. Het doesn't like Luitenant Kotler, he thinks that Kotler is often angry and impatient.

1.2. motivations

1.2.1. He is bored, so he goes on investigation.

1.2.2. Bruno is very honest. He doesn't like to lie.

2. Gretel: Bruno's sister. She is 12 years old, 3 years older then Bruno. She is smarter than Bruno. And she bullies him a little.

2.1. motivation

2.1.1. To look older / cooler for luitanent Kotler she throws away her dolls

2.1.2. She wants to go back to Berlin, becaus her friends live there.

2.2. perspectives

2.2.1. She is in love with luitanent Kotler

2.2.2. She likes her dolls very much

2.2.3. Doesn't want to know more about the people with the striped pyjamas.

3. Father: Bruno's father. He is pretty strict. but also a fair man.

3.1. motivations

3.1.1. He runs the concentration camp

4. Mother: Bruno's Mother. She is also pretty strict.

4.1. motivations

4.1.1. She wants the best for her kids

4.2. perspectives

4.2.1. At the beginning of the book she chooses father's side to go to the new house

4.2.2. at the end of the book she chooses the kids 's side because she wants to go back to Berlin

5. Shmuel: Shmuel is the friend of Bruno. They meet at the fence of the concentrationcamp. Shmuel lived in a village.

6. luitenant Kotler: He works under Bruno's father. He is a impatient man and he bullies Bruno a little together with Gretel.