Transforming the past into love

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Transforming the past into love by Mind Map: Transforming the past into love

1. Because our perception of the past acts like the earth on the moon, keeping us in the same orbit as we have always been and hindering us from breaking of past patterns. Or, put another way, the past acts like a mirror for the future: we imagine the future as a reflection of the past

1.1. i will struggle to visualise being successful at my various projects to the extent that my perception of the past sees only failure

1.2. i will struggle to trust and enjoy loving friendships to the extent that my perception of the past is full of rejecting and rejection

2. WHY?

2.1. Once free of our wanting to change the past, we are also free of the distorting compensation motivations i.e. wanting things because we believe (mostly subconsciously) that we were deprived in the past, even if only in the sense that we think others got more.

3. HOW?

3.1. Step 1: release on everything that this concept brings up, using the Sustainable Success format

3.1.1. "Do I allow myself at least the possibility that I can transform everything that I believe has happened to me into love?"

3.1.2. "Do I allow myself to transform all the decisions I believe I have made and strategies I think I have used into love?"

3.2. Step 2: release on any troubling memories that still persist

3.2.1. I wish I hadn't sold my houses

3.2.2. I wish I had bought that house/flat in hackney

3.2.3. I wish I had bought that studio here

3.2.4. I wish i had been smart enough to buy shares instead of sell them

3.2.5. I wish I had worked out what was going on sooner

3.2.6. I wish i had taken Mark's trade

3.2.7. I wish I had done more work

3.2.8. I wish I was an artist

3.2.9. I wish i hadn't....

3.3. Step 3: notice that I can walk around Berlin or London without seeing a trail of regret and being constantly triggered by 'if only..' to the point where these places become neutral

3.4. Step 4: realise that once I stop believing a continuous self, there is no past.

4. Transform what into love?

4.1. How angry I have got over nothing and much I have hated people and especially people I knew nothing about

4.2. How much time I have wasted

4.3. How stupid I feel when I remember lots of my decisions, especially those driven by fury, envy and misunderstanding of myself.

4.4. How much money and security used to have compared with what I have now.

5. IN this case 'love' means complete acceptance., allowing it to be as it was. So there is some forgiveness to be done, by my self for myself: I can forgive myself for believing my thoughts.

5.1. I believed i was right, in spite of all the evidence against me

5.2. I believed that being right would give me power

5.3. I believed that I knew better than the traders I followed and that I was 'special'

5.4. I believed that the only way to make things right again would be to get everything back, to be compensated and vindicated.