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Arabic by Mind Map: Arabic

1. Alphabet

1.1. we learned how to read and write all the letters

1.2. know how each letter changes depending on where it is in a sentence

2. Basics

2.1. basic conversational speech

2.1.1. how are you

2.1.2. what time is it

2.2. verbs

2.2.1. how to say you are in on or around something

2.3. words

2.3.1. tree

2.3.2. dog

2.3.3. chicken

3. reading

3.1. requires skill

3.2. I still can not do this

3.3. have problems recognizing words

3.4. attemped basic sentences

4. what I got out of it

4.1. not to much

4.1.1. I lack the patience

4.1.2. alphabet barrier

4.1.3. does not make sense to me

4.1.4. not something I am very interested in learning

4.1.5. where I plan on living, Spanish would be much more useful

5. Our teacher

5.1. nice

5.2. kind

5.3. caring

5.4. Fun to have class with

5.5. makes Arabic enjoyable