Seats for Serenity

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Seats for Serenity by Mind Map: Seats for Serenity

1. Obejecive of the game.

2. How to play

2.1. 2-4 teams

2.2. Each team picks a counter

2.3. Whichever team throws thee highest number starts

2.4. Roll the die to move

2.5. you pick a conflict card and answer the question

2.6. each question you get right gains a chair

2.7. if you get it right you roll again if not the next team goes

2.8. you need 10 chairs AND to get to the middle to win

3. To achieve World Peace you must get to the centre of the board and defeat various historical figures that are thought to be evil.

4. for Every right answer you get a chair, by the end of the game you need a pile of 10 chairs (and get to the middle of the board) to win