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English by Mind Map: English

1. 2nd Semester

1.1. The house on Mango Street

1.1.1. acting Most chapters acting out

1.1.2. quizes

1.2. Of Mice and Men

1.2.1. the movie

1.2.2. Mental Disabilites depression atention deficent disorder

1.3. A mid summer nights Dream

1.3.1. play Mall of the Emirates

1.3.2. Shakespear movie about Shakespear

2. 1st semester

2.1. Book report

2.1.1. The Five people you meet in Heaven

2.1.2. Graphic Organizers

2.1.3. Summerys for every chapter

2.2. Poems

2.2.1. Ballads Life and its dreams ballad

2.2.2. Rhyming poems