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TFHstudents - 2011 by Mind Map: TFHstudents - 2011
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TFHstudents - 2011

Vision for 2011

Rows to Circles



Learner focused

Fosters community



Teacher focused

John 15: 1-11


Weekly meeting with Campus Students Directors

Spiritual accountability

Ministry growth

Visit every 6 weeks to campus



692 Focus

Establish WHO they are stewarding

Relationships OUTSIDE of gathering

DTown Focus

Buy-in from team & students

Can't get comfortable

New Room, Consistant attendance, Tithing


'Leadership Triangle' between me and Campus Director/Pastor

Expressions of Values

rGen / RLife


Fuse, Branded, Access


Un-intentional circles, Cliques and existing relationships, Leader initiated 'belonging'

Sat / Sun Prayer


Leader Community



Big Leader









Branded could start with worship at 7:05...

7:05 - 7:45 = Worship

7:45 - 8:15 = message

8:15-8:45 = connect groups

8:45 - 9:00 = announcements & hangout

Rollout Calendar

Leader training

Service changes

2 months?, Paired up with rGen leader, Bigger groups, Then on their own, even smaller groups

Combat the 'Ready, FIRE, Aim', Curse of Knowledge

MIKE - Fuse


To solidify Middle Schoolers identity in Christ and introduce them to Kingdom Life


through fun, community, and spirit filled worship & prayer.


Weekly Fuse, F = FUN, U = Understandable & Memorable message, S = Spirit Filled, E = Energetic Kingdom Life, 1st & 4th service - reaching critical mass = 50

Fuse Friday, BIG, Don't invite your friends, invite your SCHOOLS, Fuse Friday points to Fuse Sundays and vice versa, Large Budget. ie. Inflatables


Nathex / Hallway experience


Challenge to bring friends

JEREMY - Branded


To spur High Schoolers on to righteousness and Kingdom Life... They are the change-makers.


Reckless Community & Active participation in THE church


Weekly Branded, Sunday evenings, Excellent & Relevant Church, Element of Fun, Worship, Message, Connect groups (circles)

Made to Serve, Fuse, TFHkids

Made to Pour, 2nd Saturdays



Invitation to Made for More

NATE - Access


A vibrant community that is living Kingdom Life together



Provoke to BE more, Opportunities for Belong, Connect, Serve, Pour


Weekly presance, Awareness in auditorium, Slides, Loops, Videos, Announcements, Creative Bulletin, Young Adults in ALL teams take on 'MINISTRY' responsibility to steward new and existing young adults to BE more, Example: Young Adult new to church stops by Cafe for a Starbucks... Hospitality volunteer (young adult) notices them, introduces themselves and swaps contact info.. follow up = invite to gathering or coffee...

1/month gathering, Invite college ministries to attend, Flyer colleges & coffee shops & venues, Topical message, Made for More & Gospel focus, Worship, Opportunities to BE more, Main Auditorium, 1st Thursday of the month, Point to Local Pour, Ministry groups, Home groups

Interactive portion of TFHapp, Chat, Maps of where gatherings & local pours are, Signup for Rlife group (home, interest, ministry)


ANDREW - College visits, Fairs, Presance, Representation, Move-in weekends, Helping move, Tshirts, Connections, Awareness

SAM - Thursday September 2nd (7-10pm), Fall Kickoff, 1/month, Worship, Topical message, BIG creative programming element, Invite to BIG Made to Pour on Sept 10th, Connections 2nd Friday

Leadership Structure

Garrett - rGen/Rlife

Bi-Weekly rGen Groups

2nd & 4th Fridays

Weekly RLife for Young Adults

rGen Leaders must be in RLife

Lead by 'Coach' types

Bi-weekly hangout

Bi-weekly study, Adult Curriculm, rGen curriculum with Sr. High students

1st and 3rd weekends - In service CIRCLES

Application of message

Assessment of rGen leaders

Introduction to rGen

Specific Jr. High & Sr. High curriculum, Branded = Francis Chan 'Courage',, Fuse =

All DVD's handed out to leaders

Private (up to 25 people) youtube group

5 backup DVD's for each week

Turbo Training

Invite leaders who haven't been and are new

Tuesday & Wednesday 9th & 10th of August, 7-9


Sept. 23rd

Signups, August 21st, August 28th, September 4th

Smart Goal


Reach More Students


What: 1000 Regular Attenders & 800 in community

Who: PULSE Team

Why: Great Commission

Where: TFHStudents/All Campuses

When: 2011/2012 School Year


(Growth Goal: F+29, B/A+23 per month; Campus Breakdown F-20/6/3, B/A-20/2/1) Sept. F-135, B/A-90; Oct. F-164, B/A-113; Nov. F-193, B/A-136; Dec. F-222, B/A-159; Jan. F-251, B/A-182; Feb. F-280, B/A-205; Mar. F-309, B/A-228; Apr. F-338, B/A-251; May F-367, B/A-274; June F-400, B/A-300


Last Year's Noob Data broken down into highest, lowest & average monthly numbers (F: T-479, H-81, L-19, A-47.9; FD: T-71, H-20, L-0, A-7.1, F692: T-26, H-11, L-0, A-2.8, B: T-299, H-57, L-11, A-29.9) Sept. F-50, FD-6, F692-NR, B-29; Oct. F-59, FD-20, F692-11, B-57; Nov. F-72, FD-17, F692-10, B-38; Dec. F-19, FD-6, F692-1, B-19; Jan. F-49, FD-5, F692-2, B-39; Feb. F-29, FD-7, F692-2, B-44; Mar. F-32, FD-3, F692-0, B-26; Apr. F-36, FD-3, F692-0, B-20; May F-52, FD-0, F692-0, B-11; June F-81, FD-4, F692-0, B-16, (BMN: Best Monthly Noobs, BMA: Best Montly Attendance) Trends: FBMN: June/FBMA: November; FDBMN: October/FDBMA: November; F692BMN: October/F692BMA: January; BBMN: October/BBMA: October&November, DT 101/146=69% Lost; 692 33/49=67% Lost; F 688/998=69% Lost; B 572/753=76% Lost


BARRIER: December: Weather & Holiday Busyness; SOLUTION: Kick mother natures BUTT

BARRIER: Branded Specific - Extra curricular Activities (Sports & plays), SOLUTION: Go to them

BARRIER: Family dynamics, SOLUTION: Partner with Parents

BARRIER: Dtown Specific - Space & Transportation; SOLUTION: ??

BARRIER: Cliques; SOLUTION: Vision, Emulate Leaders

BARRIER: Cliques of Leaders; SOLUTION: Vision, Program to create community

BARRIER: Leader Commitment to Follow-up; SOLUTION: ???

BARRIER: Transportation; SOLUTION: car pooling, reimbursement, etc. ??

BARRIER: Access Specific - No way to gauge how we are doing per campus or in general SOLUTION: New Guest Card: Name; Number; Attend Church? Where? 715, DT, 692, Other___; Where Attend School? (we get info from kids-branded & then again in big church but should young adults be exempt?)

BARRIER: Branded Specific - We need to track who is coming from Dtown & 692 to see how they are involved in completing our 1000 goal SOLUTION: Change the noob sheets to include Home Church? (Circle) 715, Dtown, 692, Other _____

Solutions to Barriers

Barrier: Cliques, More diverse serving teams. Repetition of vision. Luke's Blog, Leader Cliques, Positives & Negatives of cliques, Cracking Church Culture, Educating ourselves on the positives and negatives of Cliques

Barrier: Uninvested Leaders, Placement outside TFHstudents. Fasting & Prayer. Repetition of vision. Luke's Blog, Disciple leaders to invest vision

Barrier: Extracurricular activities, Solution: Friday night option. More Home Group options. Sunday morning serve option. Sunday night church option

Barrier: Transportation, Downtown Sunday night Branded. Leader mileage gas cards. Bus

Barrier: Family Dynamics, Better Connection with parents. Email newsletter. Leader investment in families

Continued Culture / Systems

What are the consequences? Individual basis, Spiritual Disease??

Celebrating the Kingdom wins..., New node

Frontline, Stability & Identity

Made for More

Made to Belong

2000 students in the last 3 months, 600 Jr. High, 400 Sr. High, 1000 young adults

20% attend weekly, 715, Fuse - 130, Branded - 100, Access - 160, 30 / week at Access Point, 100 bi-weekly @ Gathering, 692, Fuse - 10, Dtown, Fuse - 30

80 Sr. High attend Adult services / week, Majority also attend Branded and serve

36 Jr. High attend Adult services / week, Majority also attend Fuse that morning

434 Young Adults attend Adult services / week

NEW, Narthex team, Integrate with Edwena's team, 4 Student 'greeters', Engaging families and students, Heighten awareness, LAUNCH: 1st week of March, Spring Retreat, Purpose - Encounter & Challenge, Objective - Come back on fire to evangelize,, Branded = 3rd weekend in March, Fuse = 1st weekend in April, 2 Nights, $125

IMPROVING, Followup team, New students, Item giveaway at 1st visit, Helps Narthex team identify new families, Similar to Pixie Sticks in TFHkids, Facebook add, Phone call, Attendance team calls since they met them at the door, Missing students, Fuse, School Leader, rGen leaders, Frontline leaders, Branded, Needs to be PEERS, Leaders they have never met makes it creepy & weird, Peers can be identified through Facebook connections, parents, schools, Reporting on WHY they are missing, Google doc system already in place, Can Connection Power be used for this???, Utilize Leader Facebook group for assigning tasks and accountability, OR Connection Power, All services should try to have 50% of time dedicated to Intentional CIRCLES, 'Connect Groups', See below under 'Made to Connect', School / team competitions, Worship, Fuse team to visit PowerUp worship 1X / Quarter, Visit WOW worship rehearsal 1X / Quarter, Branded team to introduce 2 new songs / month, Visit Adult Worship rehearsal 1X / Quarter, Communicators, 1X / month meeting for identified communicators, Announcements, Readings, Monolouges, rGen videos, Messages, Outlining, Analyzing, Feedback

CAUTION, Easy to feel like we're losing, System of assignment and accountability needs to balance management and self-leadership

Made to Connect

rGen, 19 groups, 37 leaders, 248 students involved

RLife, 7 groups, 10 leaders, 90 students involved

75% of leaders are involved in rGen/RLife

NEW, Connect groups, Each service will have small groups after message for application of teaching, Andragogy, Circle, 15-30 minutes, Leader facilitates, Bridge to rGen/RLife, Bridge to Serving, Exposes newer students to culture of MORE

IMPROVING, New DVD curriculum,, New Agendas,, New Coach / Leader / Apprentice guides,

CAUTION, Leadership 'overlap' with Serving coaches and accountability

Leadership, Spring 2011

Made to Serve

150 leaders serve in TFHstudents

10 new leaders since 1/1, 12 more pending applications & interviews

All but Tech, Worship & Program Director serve 1 service / week

Saturday morning prayer 2X/month

NEW, Big Leader 1x/month, Vision, Alignment, Community, 1800 seconds class for TFHstudents Leaders

IMPROVING, Ministry coaches meeting with teams 1X/month for training & community, Pairing new leaders up with existing for integration into culture, Coaches responsible for prayer accountability

CAUTION, Leadership 'overlap' with rGen / RLife coaches and accountability

Made to Pour

6 students participated in January

GOAL - 20 in February

NEW, 5 day LOCAL missions trip, Hotel or DTown campus for sleeping and services, Daytime, HUD homes, Ken Moore, 50 students, 5 day NATIONAL missions trip, NYC, New Orleans, Disaster relief, Adopt a city?, 20 students

IMPROVING, 7 day INTERNATIONAL missions trip, Mexico, 20 students

CAUTION, Busy summer, No Pour person to help me, Finance

Move Up


Transition all students by involving them in meaningful community at the next age group

Goal = 100 % successful contact

Goal = 80 % connected


5th -> 6th graders

8th -> 9th graders

12th -> young adult


Transition spreadsheet to track,


Add contact data to all students

Call team every Monday of August

Facility Upgrades


Drawings done


Drawings done