Castle Crashers

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Castle Crashers by Mind Map: Castle Crashers

1. Rules

1.1. Roll dice and move around the board

1.2. Answer questions to do with castles

1.2.1. Answer correctly and stay where you are

1.2.2. Answer incorrectly and go back three spaces and lose a life

1.3. Earn more lives than your opponents

1.3.1. Every time you travel around the board you gain a life

1.4. Last person to lose all their lives wins

2. Objective

2.1. Answer as many questions correctly as you can

2.2. Travel around the board to earn lives

3. Theme

3.1. All questions are about castles

3.1.1. History of castles

3.1.2. Monarchs and their castles/palaces

3.1.3. Famous castles

3.1.4. Building and design of castles

3.2. Questions must be suitable for primary school children, most likely key stage 1

4. Questions

4.1. All questions are multiplechoices