My selfie vidéo

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My selfie vidéo by Mind Map: My selfie vidéo

1. identity

1.1. name : my name is Louise

1.2. age : I am 14 years old

1.3. town : I live in vernoux

1.4. family :

1.4.1. I hase got a brother, her name is etienne he is very tall, he hase got a brown , he hase got short straigh brown hair

1.4.2. and my sister is Orlane, she is medium , she hase got brown eyes and she hase got long wary lingt brown

2. physical description

2.1. size

2.1.1. I am medium

2.2. build

2.2.1. I am chubby

2.3. eyes

2.3.1. I have gote blue eyes

2.4. hair

2.4.1. I have got long wary lingt bronw hair

3. talent

3.1. I am creative and artistic

4. tastes

4.1. I love listening to music

5. personality

5.1. good points

5.1.1. I am quite helpful

5.2. bad points

5.2.1. I am very talkative