John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy by Mind Map: John F. Kennedy

1. Born, May 29, 1917-05-29 Brookline, Massachusetts

2. Died, November 22, 1963-11-22 Dallas, Texas

3. Children

3.1. Arabella Kennedy

3.2. Caroline Bouvier Kennedy

3.3. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr

3.4. Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

4. Political party - Democratic

5. Education - Graduated Harvard with a degree in international affairs in June 1940

6. Greatest Accomplishments

6.1. Earned the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy in 1941

6.2. Received Navy and Marine Corps Medal

6.3. Received the Purple Heart

6.4. Received the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal

6.5. Received the World War II Victory Medal

6.6. Won the election for U.S. Representative in 1946