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1. Lymphatic: Transports oxygen and discards waste in the lymph nodes swell as they filter out bad cells from infection injury and cancer.

2. Immune: Defense body against germs and micro organisms by attacking organism and substances that invade body systems.

3. Skeletal and immune work together in that the bones store nutrients to help the immune system keep the body healthy

4. Immune and Lymphatic work together to fight off diseases.

5. Integumentary: Skin system responsible for thermoregulation protection, sensation, and vitamin D production

6. Skeletal: Supports, protects, responsible for blood cell formation, and stores minerals and fats

7. The integument and skeletal system work together in that the bones create the frame for thew skin and the skin covers.

8. The lymphatic and integumentary systems work together by discarding waste, controlled thermoregulation, and transportation of oxygen