Sub-Genres in Thrillers

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Sub-Genres in Thrillers by Mind Map: Sub-Genres in Thrillers

1. Film-Noir

1.1. Film-Noir has a distinctive style to it, a cross-over on a Crime/Drama Thriller which was popular within the 1940s. This sub-genre can easily be identified by the black and white style and stark lighting effects. Throughout, there is often a narrator and there are flashbacks which reveals the plot slowly. This creates an enigma which creates anticipation and suspense.

1.2. Examples include: Sunset Boulevard, The Maltese Falcon

2. Psychological Thriller

2.1. A Psychological Thriller combines some elements of drama and mystery. Instead of a physical threat, it is from the mind, whcih often creates paranoia and sensed danger. This adds to the suspense as the audience is unaware of where the threat is. Typically, there are limited main characters. The protagonists have to be resourseful to solve the problem. This often crosses with the horror genre.

2.2. Examples include: Das Experiment, Rear Window

3. Science Fiction

3.1. Sci-fi Thrillers usually incorperate science-based themes into the plot, showing hypotheically what would happen if it were real. This sub-genre would often explore themes of the future, which is often something negative. Things like dystopian futures, virus diseases and sometimes aliens are included. Advanced technology is used along with unexplored locations and some sort of goal. The portagonist is generally the hero of the film. All of these aspects create anticipation and tension to keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

3.2. Examples include: Extrattrestrial, District 9

4. Crime Thriller

4.1. A Crime Thriller contains some kind of mystery. The plot centres around a certain crime, usually like a serial killer, murderer or manhunt. The narrative focuses of both the protagonist and the antagonist which builds up some of the suspensful aspects. It combines some action and psychological parts to help drive the tension.

4.2. Examples include: The Fugitive, The Usual Suspects

5. Religious Thriller

5.1. As in the name of this sub-genre, this usually incorperates all things religious such as objects, ceremonies and revolve around religious themes. Many of films from this sub-genre include something supernatural to create a threat to the protagonist.

5.2. Examples include: The Ninth Gate, Devil's Advocate

6. Action Thriller

6.1. An Action Thriller typically uses physical action to create the tension and suspence. It involves a lot of stunts, often things like fights and chases. There is continous motion and usually has a sense of danger or threat to add to the intensity of the situation.

6.2. Examples include: Die Hard, The Bourne Identity