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"How Kristin Died" by Mind Map: "How Kristin Died"
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"How Kristin Died"

Domestic Violence

Ineffective because the courts often fail to prevent and punish domestic violence.

The connection between these two, they both deal with social problems, various parts of the mind, personality or psyche as they relate to mental, emotional, or motivational.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Justice Gone Wrong

Ineffective, because the chain link of social protection and social justice failed to communicate.

The communications between jurisdictions were limited.

The connection was-no communication within the system. Information not shared with mental, criminal and court system.

New Bureaucracy


This was an effective theory that was over looked. When he was young he dismembered a pet rabbit: talked about killing his mother, tortured and killed a kitten, injected a syringe of blood into a ketchup bottle at a restaurant and it was known that to any of the girls who he had dated, he could be very brutal toward them.

Cognitive Theory

Judiciary Failure

Ineffective, because the communication link between agencies had been connected they could have spared a life.

Legal Laws

New node