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Y9 Pizza Project by Mind Map: Y9 Pizza Project

1. My Problem: Veganism

1.1. Why Do People Go Vegan?

1.1.1. Ethics/Animal Rights: Many vegans believe that animals shouldn't be mass slaughtered for food.

1.1.2. Environmentally Friendly: The meat industry is extremely wasteful in terms of natural resources. Disease amongst animals (spread from nearby wild species) can also become catastrophic.

1.1.3. Health Benefits: A lot of non-vegan foods

1.1.4. Losing Weight

2. Cost

2.1. Needs to remain relatively inexpensive for students on a budget.

2.2. Per Slice: $15 HKD (Cheapest) - $40 HKD ( Most Expensive)

2.3. Per Pizza: $60 (Cheapest) - $180 (Most Expensive)

3. History/Development Of Pizza

3.1. Famous Pizzas

3.1.1. Margarita (Italy)

3.1.2. Calzone (Italy)

3.1.3. Pepperoni (USA)

3.1.4. Meat Lover's (USA)

3.1.5. Hawaiian (USA)

3.1.6. Deep Dish (Chicago)

3.2. Development in Italy

3.2.1. The word "pizza" was first documented in 997 AD in Central/Southern Italy.

3.2.2. Modern pizza was developed in Naples, where tomato sauce was first added to the dish.

3.2.3. Opened in Naples in 1830, "Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba" is known as the world's first pizzeria.

3.3. Development in the USA

3.3.1. First arrived along with Italian immigrants in the late 19th Century.

3.3.2. Rose in popularity after WW2.

3.4. Why Is Pizza Unhealthy?

3.4.1. High Fat Content (Cheese, Meats) may exceed suggested daily intake

3.4.2. Refined Carbohydrates (Crust) High Caloric Content

3.4.3. High Sodium Content (Cheese, Toppings) may exceed suggested daily intake

3.4.4. Diseases: Obesity, Cardiovascular/Heart Disease

4. Potential Problems

4.1. Diet

4.1.1. Vegan Nutritional & Ethical Benefits Solutions Replace meats with veg, cheese with vegan (soy) cheese or no cheese at all Vegan Cheese: soy proteins, solidified vegetable oil, nutritional yeast, nuts, tapioca flour Nutritional Yeast (Vitamin B12 Supplement)

4.1.2. Vegetarian (Meat-Free) Nutritional & Ethical Benefits For Religious Reasons Solutions Replace meat toppings with vegetables

4.1.3. Gluten-Free Health Benefits Celiac Disease Solutions Use wheat-free flour alternatives for the pizza dough/crust

4.1.4. Dairy-Free Lactose Intolerance Health Benefits Solutions No Cheese Vegan Cheese (made from soy products)

4.2. Innovation

4.2.1. Fusion Cuisine: Incorporate ingredients and flavours from other cuisines into the pizza. Japanese Tempura, Edamame Beans Thai Coconut Milk Based Sauce, Thai Basil Indian Curry Sauce, Tandoori Meats, Naan Bread for crust Mexican Nachos, Guacamole

4.2.2. Sweet/Dessert Pizza Toppings: Nutella, Fruit, Chocolate Crust: Puff Pastry, Shortbread

4.2.3. Breakfast Pizza Toast: Eggs, Sausage, Bacon Crust: Toast

4.2.4. Cocktail (mini) Pizzas Suitable For Party Food Regular toppings/dough

5. Dough

5.1. Traditional: flour, yeast, water, salt, olive oil, sugar

5.2. Spelt (Gluten Free): spelt flour, yeast, water, salt, olive oil, honey

6. HK Food Truck Pilot Scheme

6.1. Organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board at the end of 2016

6.2. Scheme allows 8 food trucks to operate in 8 of Hong Kong's most iconic tourist destinations, e.g. Ocean Park, Central Harbour-front, TST

6.3. Purposes: - To promote tourism in Hong Kong through local and international cuisines. - To provide an alternative way of dining for tourists and locals. - To showcase the good standard of food safety and hygiene in Hong Kong.

7. Ingredients

7.1. Sauce (Base)

7.1.1. Tomato: tomatoes, garlic, salt, olive oil Vegan (No Meat/Dairy)

7.1.2. Pesto: basil, parmesan, olive oil Vegetarian (No Meat)

7.2. Toppings

7.2.1. Cheese: mozzarella/buffalo mozzarella/ cheddar/ricotta

7.2.2. Vegetables: cherry tomatoes, spinach, arugula, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, onions, jalapeños, potatoes

7.2.3. Meat: pepperoni, ham, chorizo, bacon, grilled chicken, minced beef, seafood (prawns, smoked salmon, squid)

7.2.4. Herbs/Condiments/Others: basil, rosemary, oregano, Italian seasoning (basil, marjoram, oregano, garlic), black pepper, sea salt, olive oil

8. Target Audience

8.1. Families (Family Fun Day)

8.1.1. All Ages (2-60+): Children/Students (2-18) Parents (30+) Grandparents (60+) Relatives/Friends

9. Taste/Texture/Odour

9.1. Taste

9.1.1. Warm

9.1.2. Hearty

9.1.3. Savoury

9.1.4. Flavourful

9.1.5. Tangy

9.2. Texture

9.2.1. Crunchy

9.2.2. Smooth

9.2.3. Stringy

9.2.4. Greasy

9.3. Odour

9.3.1. Fragrant

9.3.2. Distinct

9.3.3. Nostalgic

9.3.4. Cheesy

10. Storage Methods

10.1. Pizzas (*No Preservatives)

10.1.1. Served directly out of the oven Lasts 3-4 Hours

10.1.2. Refrigerated for use in near future Lasts 3-4 Days

10.1.3. Frozen (freezer) for use in the future Lasts 1-2 Months (Leftovers) Lasts 1 Year (Store-bought Frozen Pizzas)

10.2. Pizza Dough (*No Preservatives)

10.2.1. Refrigerator: 24 Hours

10.2.2. Freezer: 3 Months

10.3. Preserved Pizzas

10.3.1. Can be kept frozen for up to a year