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Ecosystem by Mind Map: Ecosystem

1. Nutrients move from producers to consumers to obtain energy

1.1. The efficiency of energy tend to be greatest in aquantic systems where producers lack lignin

2. Primary producers

2.1. Autotrophs or self feeders who obtain energy from nonliving source

2.2. Take up hydrogen, oxygen and carbon from air and water

2.3. Take up phosphoros, nitrogen and minerals to make organic compounds

3. Array of organisms who formed communities interacting with its environment through a flow of energy and nutrients

4. Biogeochemical cycles

4.1. Movement of a nutriment among its environmental reservoirs

4.1.1. Carbon cycle and water cycle For example carbon absorbs heat and emit it towars the earth surface

5. Consumers

5.1. Heterotrophs that get energy and carbon by feeding on tissues or wastes

5.1.1. Herbivores, carnvores, parasites, omnivores, detritivores and descomposers like bacterias and fungis Descomposers release nutriments from its tissues into the environment where they are available

6. Trophic levels

6.1. Feeding relationships

6.1.1. Food chains where the energy captured by producers is trasfered Cross conection formed food webs