What factors affect the burning time of the candle?

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What factors affect the burning time of the candle? by Mind Map: What factors affect the burning time of the candle?

1. Why and How do candles burn?

2. What is a candle made of?

2.1. Wax

2.1.1. Does the shape of the candle affect the burning time?

2.1.2. Do different type of wax have different melting times?

2.1.3. Do scented candles have less burning time?

2.1.4. Does the colour of the wax affect the burning time?

2.1.5. Does the temperature of the wax influence burning time?

2.1.6. If a wax hardener is added to the wax, will the candle melt slower and last longer?

2.2. Wick

2.2.1. How does the thickness of the wick impact the use of wax in burning?

2.2.2. Does the material of the wick affect the burning time?

2.2.3. Does the shape of wick affect the burning time?

2.2.4. Does a longer wick use up more wax in a shorter period of time?

3. What are the environmental factors required to support burning and will impact burning time?

3.1. If there is more oxygen present, will the candle last longer?

3.2. Will the candle burn longer in cooler temperature?

3.3. Will the air movement affect the burning time?

3.4. If the candle is wet, will it still burn?

4. How are candles made?

4.1. Do factory-made candles have a longer burning time than handmade candles?

5. How can we measure and compare the different burning times of different candles?