ENGL 307: Business Writing

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ENGL 307: Business Writing by Mind Map: ENGL 307: Business Writing

1. Process

1.1. Process is the brainstorming of ideas, the writing process, proofreading, editing and reviewing the final document. The process of submitting a project is the multiple steps that occur between the initial brainstorming and submitting the final draft.

1.2. How this class is organized and the components that are required per semester will help me work through the process of writing papers and working on assignments.

1.3. This outcome is the process of reading, writing, reviewing, editing and finalizing.

2. Rhetoric

2.1. I hope that improving my rhetoric will allow me to better succeed when it comes to analyzing what I read.

3. Information Literacy & Management

3.1. My goal is for this class to improve my information literacy through my reading and writing.

4. Reflect/Transfer

4.1. Reflect on the information that we are reading and discussing and then transfer that knowledge into my everyday life in order to better succeed.

5. Organization is essential during presentations in order to ensure that an audience can stay with an individual's own train of thought.

6. Time Management

6.1. The amount of assignments that are due per due date make it one of my goals to have good time management and to better organize my assignments and the days that I will do each assignment.

6.1.1. To better improve time management as an individual in order to better serve my team members

6.2. To better utilize my time and anticipate how much time I need to set aside for the week in order to complete all of my work and organize my time so I am doing a little bit of work everyday instead of hours worth in one day.

7. Improve my writing

7.1. Through the writing and reading in this course my goal is to not only improve my writing but to also write papers using formal terms and do business specific writing.

8. Organization

8.1. I am hoping that the layout of this class and the assignment due date consistency will allow me to stay easily organized and to improve my organization in this class.

8.1.1. Prepare for a project early, mark all important due dates and remain aware of all upcoming due dates

9. Ethics

9.1. My goal is to better understand the business culture and the ethics that are involved as I discover them through the writing exploration.

9.1.1. Think about other culture's concerns when trying to do business in that culture

9.1.2. ensure that I remain honest when selling my experience as an asset

9.2. To maintain strong ethics I must ensure that I remain true to my project and purpose but also take into account any foreign cultural differences that would require changes to be made to a business/project.