What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Technology has the power to unite people together. It is able to give opportunities to people that wouldn't be possible without it. Technology has let people walk, communicate with each other across the world, flown us to space, let us be able to hear and see again, it has given people hope and inspiration (Microsoft, 2014). Technology has brought food to the early bands of humans that did not have the technology that we have now. Because of technology we have become the most dominant species on the planet as technology is the most powerful force in the world and has become who we are and how we have invented ourselves. "Technology is an extension of life" (Ted Talk, 2010). Technology is everything around us and is constantly evolving.

1.1. Technology connects us

2. History of Technology

2.1. I have learned that technology has changed significantly since the 1930's where it was used more for manufactoring, industry and applied science (Schatzberg, 2006, p. 486). Technology is constantly evolving and new technology is always being invented, example: in 1450 the Glutenberg printing press was created. In the 1700's blackboards were created for the classrooms in school's and in the 1990's computers were invented.

2.1.1. History of Technology

3. Final Definition of Technology

4. Creative Aspect

4.1. I have decided to make a mind map because it is something I have never done before and I wanted to try showing what I have learned in a creative way rather than using something that I am familiar with such as powerpoint. Doing a mind map was creative for me because I have never made one before and it is something that I would never think about doing. I like learning and trying new things which is another reason why i have decided to create a mind map.

5. References

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6. What I thought it was

6.1. Before taking this class, I thought technology was everyday electronics such as: Computers, phones, televisions, printers, etc. To me technology was anything that was electronic, controlled, or able to display information.

6.1.1. TV

6.1.2. computer

7. Two Components

7.1. A Physical Component: products, tooling, equipment, blueprints, techniques, process (Kumar, Kumar , & Persuad (1999)

7.1.1. Physical

7.2. Information Component: marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labour, functional areas (Kumar, Kumar , & Persuad (1999).

7.2.1. Information

8. In the video "Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commerical: Empowering"(Microsoft, 2014). Shows how advanced technology is becoming. The video shows how empowering technology is and how advanced it is becoming. Technology is able to give people who do not have legs and are not able to walk, artificial robotic legs. Technology is allowing people to be able to hear, see and talk. People are able to communicate and see each-other's faces from across the world. Technology is inspiring and it is giving people the chance to have hope and giving people the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

8.1. Microsoft Commercial

9. What I Know Now

9.1. After reading the first module and watching the Ted Talk video, Kevin talks about "What is Technology" He states that "Technology has become the most powerful source in the world" (Ted Talk, 2010). He explains that from technology we get differences, diversity, options, choices, opportunities possibilities and freedoms. Kevin talks about how technology is not just gadgets, its cloth, and tools such as knives. Without technology, the human race would not live very long because we would not have the proper tools to grow food or defend ourselves from the wild animals such as wolves.(Ted Talk, 2014). After reading an article called "Meaning of Technology and Its Use" it talks about how people are the most important of any technological system because we are the ones who use technology to extend our abilities. The article talks about how we use technology for almost everything including communication, transportation, learning and manufacturing (Ramey, 2013, para 1 & 2).

9.1.1. Technology is constantly evolving