Sfard - 2 metaphors of learning

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Sfard - 2 metaphors of learning by Mind Map: Sfard - 2 metaphors of learning

1. Engestrom

1.1. think about how it fits in with this...

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2.1. diigo

3. definition

3.1. acquisition metaphor

3.1.1. act of gaining knowledge

3.1.2. gradual reception

3.1.3. aquisition by development

3.1.4. knowledge construction

3.1.5. all imply gaining ownership

3.2. participation mataphor

3.2.1. refs The new researcher talks about learning as a legitimate peripheral participation (Lave & Wenger, 1991) apprenticeship in thinking (Rogoff, 1990).

3.2.2. states are replaced with attention to activities.

3.2.3. you become a member of a certain community "Just as different organs combine to form a living body, so do learners contribute to the existence and functioning of a community of practitioners." Sfard focus on evolving bonds between learner and community

3.2.4. acquisition is tantamount to becoming a participant.

3.3. fundamental issue with definition of learning - nothing to do with social / individual axis

3.3.1. this rests on a differing mechanism of learning

3.3.2. while the AM/ PM debate rests on a differign vision of what learning is.

4. Sfard

5. not mutally exlcusive

5.1. When a theory is translated into an instructional prescription, exclusivity becomes the worst enemy of success. Educational

5.2. The exclusivity is often equated with certainty, whereas the very presence of a competing metaphor may be enough to disclose the arbitrary nature of some of the generally accepted classifications.

6. application metaphor - other forum

7. 3rd metaphor - wiki-university

7.1. knowledge-creation metaphor of learning, has been proposed by Paavola et. al. (2004)

7.2. link

8. forum discussion about assessmetn

8.1. range of very interesting resources from Seema