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1. What does a good friend do?

1.1. listen to your problems

1.2. open himself/herself to you

1.3. make up with you after falling out with you

1.3.1. e.g. if there ever is a quarrel, it must not be the end of our friendship... and both of us have to do our best to make up with each other again...

1.4. be loyal to you

1.5. be understanding

1.6. keep secrets

1.7. help you to overcome difficulties

1.7.1. e.g. he/she is there also when you are ill or have problems with other people...

2. Activities you do with your friend:

2.1. talk to each other

2.2. take walks together

2.3. go out together

2.4. visit each other's places

2.5. travel together...

3. Why is it important to have a best friend?

3.1. everybody needs someone to share his/her life

3.2. people should not stay on their own

3.3. friendship makes happy

3.4. he/she holds you off from being lonely

3.5. people are social beings...

4. What is it a good friend doesn't do?

4.1. spill the beans about you

4.1.1. e.g. talking to others about my secrets

4.2. lie to you

4.2.1. e.g. not telling me, that my look is terrible...

4.3. tell you clearly if you are up to make a mistake

4.4. talk about you behind your back

4.5. be unfair to you

4.5.1. e.g. argueing with you in a mean way;

4.5.2. e.g. using bad language against you;

4.6. doesn't forget about your birthday / meetings / talks...

4.7. does not laugh at you

4.8. doesn't just say what you want to hear...

4.8.1. e.g. if you behave the wrong way, he/she has to tell you about it

5. How should a friend be?

5.1. understanding

5.2. humorous

5.2.1. e.g. it's most important to be able to laugh with him/her about nearly everything

5.3. friendly

5.4. smart

5.5. considerate (= rücksichtsvoll)

5.6. reliable (= verlässlich)

5.7. resilient (= belastbar)

5.8. honest