What is Technology? By: Ashley Vien

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What is Technology? By: Ashley Vien by Mind Map: What is Technology? By: Ashley Vien

1. My Original Thoughts on Technology

1.1. Ashley V.

1.1.1. "It is a man-made invention that advances every second, every hour and everyday, in order to accommodate human societies needs and wants. Its is a device that brings convenience to everyday life" V. Ashley, Engineering Clerk (2017, January 16)

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3. What I Think Technology is Now

3.1. My thoughts on Technology before doing my research, is just as correct as it is wrong. There is no way to actually specify what technology is. Interviewing my co-workers and manager really opened my eyes to how we can't actually grasp the true meaning of technology. Though through all I have read (shown in the previous stage to the left of the diagram), I can conclude it is a tool to help us. We can't pin down the actual meaning of technology as it's meaning differs to everyone. Technology can't be defined because there is just so much that is technology. I learned that technology is bigger than I actually understood it to be. It is as simple as a pencil and as complex as a computer. Technology has a huge range and it can't be defined in a simple description.

3.2. What I can conclude with all my research is that technology is: 1. Man-Made 2. Tool 3. Made to Help

3.3. So what is technology? It just depends on who your asking. Technology is what we need it to be. Technology is a pen when I need to write, A knife when I need to cut, A phone when I need to get in touch, Glasses when I need to see. Technology is what I need it to be. Technology is whatever we need it to be.

4. Creative Reflection

4.1. I have never used Mind Meister before and it was a process to figure out how it works. It took a lot longer understanding how to use it then the actual project. Usually I would just use the typical Microsoft Office but I gave something different a chance and learned to make such a great visual diagram for my project! It's great learning new ways of using technology. Sometimes I stay in my comfort zone instead of taking advantage of all that technology has to offer.

5. My Colleagues Thoughts on Technology

5.1. BALA P.

5.1.1. P. Bala, Computer Programmer (2017, January 17)

5.1.2. "Technology is something very important to me, without it, you can't do anything. It makes it easier to live in this world"

5.2. FARIBA H.

5.2.1. H. Fariba, Supervisor and Director of Purchasing (2017, January 17)

5.2.2. "A new way of doing things, like a computer has a software you can use, versus the old way of hand drawing things"

5.3. TERRYL K.

5.3.1. K. Terryl, Quality Controller (2017, January 17)

5.3.2. "Technology is an innovation to assist mankind in improving quality of life"

5.4. PAULO L.

5.4.1. L. Paulo, Part Owner and Head Office Manager, (2017, January 17)

5.4.2. "Technology is the application of knowledge to solve day to day problems and also a collection of skills, methods, and processes"

6. Others Perspective of Technology

6.1. Engineering in Elementary (2016)

6.2. What Is Technology? By: Richard Hi-Lua

6.2.1. "To a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research; to an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems; to an attorney, it is intellectual property to be protected and guarded; to a business executive, it may be the most important, yet least understood company asset" Li-Hua, Richard (2007)

6.3. What is Technology? By: Nick Waddell

6.3.1. "the best way to look at technology is in terms of progress. In many ways, the world simply gets better because technology has the ability to create a higher standard of living. A vaccine eliminated polio. The internet breaks down social, racial and sexual barriers. Computers provide better access to education" (Waddell, 2013)

6.4. What is Technology - Meaning of Technology and Its use By: Karehka Ramey

6.4.1. "Communication Technology: This is a system that uses technical means to transmit information or data from one place to another or from one person to another. Communication is used for many purposes; it is used to convey ideas, exchange information and express emotions." (Ramey, 2013)

6.4.2. "Construction Technology: This is the study of advanced methods and equipments which can be used to build structures. Construction builds two types of structures. These include buildings and heavy engineering structures." (Ramey, 2013)

6.4.3. "Assistive Technology: This is the type of technology which is used by people with disabilities to accomplish specific tasks which seem to be difficult or impossible to perform. The term ”Assistive” means helping or providing an extra hand." (Ramey, 2013)

7. My Process of Finding What Technology Is