Case Journyes

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Case Journyes by Mind Map: Case Journyes

1. Case wine 0.1 Wine.Club journey

1.1. How to benefit from our passion for Business Models

1.2. An example of a unique Business Model in the wine industry

1.3. How the Customer Factory helped to create growth strategy

1.3.1. Create a Customer Factory and Growth Engine in hours Build Key Metrics for Growth Re-use this Sales funnel template

1.4. Understanding our customer loyalty by looking at historic purchases

1.4.1. Step 1. Cohort 1x skipped and back --> Solution interview Step 2. Cohort: Churn--> Problem interview Step 3. Cohort: Referral --> create referral program

1.5. How to understand our customers better

1.5.1. Solution interviews and Problem interviews

1.6. Step 4. Acquisition --> re-thing value proposition

1.6.1. Insight: 3 segments v.s. 1 VP New business model (Fani, Fun and Family persona's) Updated Business Model canvas (3 segments in one model) 3x Persona with Unique Value Proposition Serve Persona Fani --> Create wine tasting community

2. Urban Learning Program

2.1. Stage 1

2.1.1. Crafting a problem statement

2.1.2. Defining the Challenge

2.1.3. Building empathy with the user

2.1.4. Develop interview guide

2.1.5. Building a prototype

2.2. Phase 2

2.2.1. User Journey

2.2.2. Theory of change

2.2.3. Exploring alternatives

2.2.4. Barrier Analysis

2.2.5. Problem interviews and Validating Riskiest assumption

2.2.6. Social Business Canvas

2.2.7. Circle of influence

2.2.8. Determine support needed

2.2.9. Plan next phase

2.3. Validate market --> get 10 Demo customers