Information Security Threat Catalog

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Information Security Threat Catalog by Mind Map: Information Security Threat Catalog

1. Process malfunction such as documentation is not available to those who need it

2. Vandalism of equipment or media

2.1. Vandalism of equipment or media

3. Equipment loss

4. Accident such as car or plane crash involving key personnel, facilities, equipment or media

5. Denial of Service

6. Miscommunication such as lack of documentation or documentation error

7. Single Source

8. Meteorological phenomenon

8.1. Hurricane

8.2. Tornado

8.2.1. Electro-magnetic or radiation phenomenon

8.3. Rain

8.3.1. Flood

8.4. Sleet

9. Water Spout

10. Epidemic/Pandemic

11. Malicious Activity

11.1. Eavesdropping

11.2. Physical

11.2.1. Eavesdropping

11.2.2. Software malfunction or failure

11.2.3. Abuse of privilege

11.2.4. Logical Social Engineering Malicious Unauthorized Logical Access Violation such as sharing account and password or bypassing procedures Malware such as virus, worm or trojan Abuse of privilege

11.2.5. Fraud or Forgery

11.2.6. Social Engineering

12. Malfunction

13. Human Error

13.1. Power Outage

13.2. Hardware malfunction or failure such as telecom equipment or utilities

13.3. Fraud or Forgery

14. Environmental

14.1. Fire

14.2. Water-related phenomenon such as plumbing leak or flood

14.3. Extreme temperature and/or humidity

14.4. Earthquake

14.4.1. Environmental contamination such as dust, pollution or corrosives

14.4.2. Tsunami

14.4.3. Volcanoe

14.5. Lightning

14.6. Extreme wind

14.7. Volcanic phenomenon

15. Theft of equipment or media, even from trash