Compassion for Care (NL), Kick Off event 26th of February 2011

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Compassion for Care (NL), Kick Off event 26th of February 2011 by Mind Map: Compassion for Care (NL), Kick Off event 26th of February 2011

1. Speakers

1.1. Bart Berden

1.1.1. Hospital director studied medicine role of society Oncologists vs surgeons

1.2. Bram Hengeveld

1.2.1. Nurse since a year nursing home home care hospice care experience industrial care humane care What's compassion in one word? normal humane care

1.2.2. Patient

1.3. Elke de Quay

1.3.1. Mum of a mother complex handcapped girl

1.3.2. Much experience with care Positive experiences negative experiences often you feel alone often you feel like a director in care often you feel professionals work on an island Agency

1.4. Gonny van Haaft

1.4.1. Freelance journalist

1.4.2. Author of: Dokter is ziek, a book Interviews most heard word "eye opener" All professionals feel compassion is important Small things mean a lot

1.5. Jan Vesseur

1.5.1. Director of patient safety government body for quality of healthcare inspectie van de gezodheidszorg complaints of patients often when professionals don;t listen often when colleagues don't communicate Often when handover between shifts don't work well often when team dynamic is not optimal Are we focusing on he right things to make the system safer? would compassion help? we need to bring safety thinking closer to core of education

1.6. Margreet van der Cingel

1.6.1. confrontation mention the suffering

1.6.2. attention

1.6.3. listening

1.6.4. commitment

1.6.5. help Being there

1.6.6. understanding I may not know what it's like what you have however I can imagine what it must be like

1.7. Lucien Engelen

1.7.1. We have to take care that working in healthcare will be more fun less suicides among doctors less people quitting less people losing compassion in care com passion without passion no compassion Happy to work with students the future of the healthcare sector Charter for compassion healthcare will be launched at TEDxMaastricht

1.7.2. This is the beginning of a long journey

1.8. Robbert Schouten

1.8.1. President of IFMSA - NL!/robbertschouten

1.9. Anne Spanjaart

1.9.1. Talk on: where's the project now Compassion.. it's not new Why do we put such an emphasis on Compassion AND healthcare "If you want to change the world, we must begin ourselves" Personal story summarize: it's about commitment, compassion and teamwork research Showing the evidence that compassion works from idealism to realism Reference

1.10. Salmaan Sana

1.10.1. Talk on: where's the project now Charter for compassion who does not know TED.COM? Link between Charter for compassion and healthcare medical students of IFMSA Lucien Engelen Reshape Healthcare Conference Karen Armstrong Ideas worth spreading... Ideas worth Making TEDx maastricht Ideas worth Doing Ideas worth investigating

2. Keywords (Dutch)

3. Activities

3.1. Discussion - Cindy Cloin (facilitator)

3.1.1. Leader of discussion: Cindy Cloin Summary missed...(sorry.. not paying attention)

3.1.2. Why do you spend your saturday here Suze Linders New node Annemiek Vroom Researcher of Quality of Life Patient Quality of CAre Bram Hengeveld Elke de Quay

3.1.3. Andrea Solnes Miltenburg, student Started training in medicine full of passion in practice I observe that some of this passion is lost in people around me If you don't feel it yourself, it may not come out I need more role models that show compassion and passion

3.1.4. Nurse Margreet van de Cingel High expectations we see much suffering we may ignore suffering in our drive to "cure" chronical illness is not cured first step in compassion

3.1.5. Altrecht, GEestelijekr gezondheidszorg, medewerker (naam?) Mental health professional a professional branch very focused on humane aspects of care

3.1.6. resident in psychiatry many people with compassion difficulty to show it in high work pressure Especially work circumstances make it difficult not to become bitter / frustrated

3.1.7. Medical student Cure: sometimes fixing a machine Sometimes answerring the patients' question

3.1.8. Nursing professional Emergency room Showing compassion can be part of how you practice by being yourself. being authentic, being yourself

3.1.9. Student medicine reporter for NRC next healthcare (newspaper) Patient empowerment may help Seperation between persons and patients hpspital takes patients away from society you are in hospital or not improve connection of people with care

3.1.10. Medical student Under stress we perform less in empathy

3.1.11. Frans Derksen, General practice pensioner Trust empowerment engagement Effect on cholesterol or HBA1C Compassion / Quality of care researcher

3.2. Brainstorm

3.2.1. Sticky wall

3.2.2. Organising our Brainstorm with sticky notes

3.2.3. Celebrating Compassion

3.2.4. Flipcharts Flipcharts Flipcha

3.2.5. Moving into small groups, each with a laptop

3.3. Themes - Brainstorm outcomes

3.3.1. Taking care of oneself

3.3.2. Communication

3.3.3. Role models

3.3.4. Real Authentic

3.3.5. Together

3.3.6. Help

3.3.7. Courage

3.3.8. Attention

3.3.9. Why not?

3.3.10. Future / organisation

3.4. Ideas Cafe

3.4.1. Drafting statements based on themes

3.4.2. Every Team a laptop working

4. Presentations

4.1. by Salmaan Sana and Anne Spanjaart