Live with Laureen #015

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Live with Laureen #015 by Mind Map: Live with Laureen #015

1. Co-Presenter

1.1. Lori Woods, CPC

2. What's going on at CCO?

2.1. CCO Club Growing!

2.1.1. Join the new CCO Club and get in at lowest rates ever! Basic Level Currently included in all full coding course purchases.

2.2. Chapter Support

2.2.1. Remote Presentations 2017 CPT Update is popular this month!

2.2.2. Door Prizes

2.3. Don't forget to join Insider Group email list and join the new CCO Free Forum

2.3.1. Get on CCO Insider list to be the first informed

2.4. Facebook Live notification list has text messaging now

2.4.1. Get a text message or email whenever we are on Facebook for a live event

2.5. New! Recently Released

2.5.1. Course CPB v2.0 Course

2.5.2. Blitz CPMA Blitz Included in PBMA students account at no additional charge

2.5.3. Practice Exams CPB - Billing CRC - Risk Adjustment

2.6. Coming Soon!

2.6.1. Course CIC Course

2.6.2. Blitz CPB Blitz

2.6.3. Practice Exams More CRC Practice Exams!

3. Topics

3.1. Getting Back Into Coding After an Absence

3.2. 80 Hour Equivalent Course & CEU's

3.2.1. What exactly counts for A removal & why

3.2.2. Why does a blitz not count towards A removal? Can a student add it with another course they took to count towards A removal?

3.3. Do I need a course or coding certification?

3.3.1. Is a Medical Coding Program (i.e. through a school) a Requirement to Sit for the Certification Exam?

3.4. CRC for new coders?