cellular respiration/photosynthesis

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cellular respiration/photosynthesis by Mind Map: cellular respiration/photosynthesis

1. heterotrophs- Organisms who obtain food from other organisms. Organisms who get rid of carbon dioxide and water which autotrophs need and take in glucose and oxygen which autotrophs get rid of.

1.1. carbon dioxide-Gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds and by RESPIRATION. Co2 is absorbed by plants and get rid by heterotrophs such as humans.

1.1.1. water (H20) autotrophs- Organisms who obtain energy from the sunlights. These organisms get rid of oxygen which heterotrophs need and take in carbon dioxide which heterotrophs get rid of. sugar (C6H12O6)

2. autotrophs

2.1. sunlight

2.1.1. sugar calvin cycle- the process that autotrophs use to make energy when sunlight is not present. stomata light reaction light energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy in the form of ATP and NADPH chloroplast- absorbs light and contains thylakoids