Sub-Disciplines of Forensic Science

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Sub-Disciplines of Forensic Science by Mind Map: Sub-Disciplines of Forensic Science

1. Crime Scene Investigator

1.1. collects evidence at the crime scene to be processed

2. Jurisprudence

2.1. lawyers

3. Criminalistics

3.1. examination of evidence such as blood, fibers, and fingerprints

4. Odontology

4.1. identify individuals or remains using dental records

5. Pathology

5.1. performs autopsies to determine cause of death

6. Anthropology

6.1. search for and recover the remains of humans

7. Toxicology

7.1. deals with the harmful effects of chemicals on the human body (like drugs or poisons)

8. Entomology

8.1. uses insects and their life cycles to determine time of death

9. Botany

9.1. uses plants or pollen to determine place or time of year of evidence found at the crime scene

10. Ballistics

10.1. analysis of bullets to determine the firearm used in a crime

11. Engineering

11.1. use knowledge of structures and materials to determine the cause of structural failures

12. Document Examination

12.1. examines documents to determine age or authenticity

13. biology

13.1. performs DNA profiling and blood typing

14. Psychology

14.1. provides a criminal profile to be used by investigators or determine the mental capacity of someone on trial.