Factors and Impact on development

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Factors and Impact on development by Mind Map: Factors and Impact on development

1. Political

1.1. Political instability

1.1.1. countries that have a long term struggle with civil conflicts typically are less likely to develop

1.1.2. if a country has a strong stable government that takes care of the government and its people, there is a better chance in developing

1.2. Trade Laws

1.2.1. The US and the EU are the largest trading markets and their political involvement determines the development of other surrounding countries.

1.2.2. Fair Trade Poor countries are restricted from blocking their imports, which negatively effect them in political viewpoint Having the ability to have open trading ports allows political involvement between countries, which create a bond politically and economically.

2. Economic

2.1. Trade between developed and developing countries

2.1.1. Import and Export taxes typically go to the government of the country that is being traded with.

2.2. Natural Sources availability

2.2.1. Countries that are strong in Oil despots and oil trade are wealthy industries that invest within the country.

2.3. TPP and the United States Stock Market

2.3.1. President Tump's executive order is retracting from the TPP has had negative impacts on countries that were publicly traded with the US and their import and exports.

2.3.2. Germany had suffered significantly with the withdrawal of the United States with the TPP, however partnered with the Asia-Pacific Trade companies to make up shares and ports lost.

2.4. War and civil disagreements

2.4.1. Countries that are involved in war take debts, which decrease the development of their economy. Ex.Syria

3. Environmental

3.1. Global Warming

3.1.1. Transportation In developing countries that normally expect a more dry weather, but the rain is increased, the development of mud and road blockage create massive impacts on the travel of civilians and goods.

4. Social

4.1. Healthcare

4.1.1. The delivering in healthcare is impacted based on the location and social issues within the selected country.

4.1.2. developing countries rely on their NGOs for aid in regards to their healthcare. ex.UNICEF, REDCROSS

4.1.3. Developing countries that have created a state funded and state managed health system, has increased their longevity and health

4.2. Education

4.2.1. some developing countries have established school systems that has state financed instruction.

4.2.2. developing countries have made it an require meant that you attend school at the Kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary levels.

4.2.3. Despite creation of the a secure school system, developing countries haven't managed to expand on an international standing Economic developments are restricting schools to move forward in international expansion. Have shortages on teachers and reasonable supplies

5. Institutional