Offline Biz Mastermind 24th Feb

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Offline Biz Mastermind 24th Feb by Mind Map: Offline Biz Mastermind 24th Feb

1. Steve

1.1. Mail out 20+ new 4 line letters

2. Clark

2.1. Progress towards job 'escape'

2.2. Have Animoto strategy feedback

3. Paul

3.1. Trial Animoto strategy with 3 clients

4. Howard

4.1. Create Sales funnel & Project management structure

4.2. Get 2x new clients

5. Links shared

5.1. Animoto


5.3. local video method



6. Notes for future meetings

6.1. Just a thought guys - we should defo try make these goals more SMART, and try list 3 achievement goals each per session for best results. We’ll learn this as we go along. Awesome!