Unit: Small group work on creating a dance routine

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Unit: Small group work on creating a dance routine by Mind Map: Unit: Small group work on creating a dance routine

1. Objective # 1 By the end of the unit students will be able to perform a dance routine they have choreographed by themselves at the final dance show.

1.1. Demonstration vs Explanation In the beginning of this unit I usually show my students best examples from the previous semester (eg. videos from the Dance shows or a short clip from the class activity).

1.2. Use of the prior knowledge Students with the dance experience are always welcome to share their experiences, knowledge, ideas, etc... Students feel a sense of the ownership if we use their ideas for a dance routine. They are more motivated, involved and interested in the project.

1.3. Independent/partner work Advanced dancers helping low skilled dancers

2. Objective # 2 By the end of the unit students will be able to contribute steps while choreographing a dance routine.

2.1. 1. Students start by working with the teacher on the already prepared choreography. This gives them an idea on how the choreography should be created, how to teach the combination of steps and what makes a dance routine interesting.

2.2. 2. Students use resources (Youtube videos) to learn and modify dance moves. At the same time they learn how to critique other’s people work.

2.3. 3. Students work on creating and teaching the step combinations to their peers.

2.4. 4. Students write a reflection on the process and experiences of choreographing an entire dance routine by themselves.

3. Objective # 3 By the end of the unit students will be able to evaluate their own work and the work of others.

3.1. Creating together a checklist while watching a dance routine. Later using it to analyze and to give feedback.

3.2. Partner work Feedback to other groups Using "Coach Eye" partners watching their dance routine and analyzing it based on the checklist.

4. Objective # 4 By the end of the unit students will understand how choreographic principles, processes, and structures help to create a unique dance routine.

4.1. Pre-Teach Vocabulary Introduce the words to kids in photos, videos and in context to things they know and are interested in. Use analogies, metaphors and invite students to create a symbol or drawing for each word and give time for discussion of the words (small and whole groups).

4.2. Use Visuals/Checklists Show visual examples of the choreographic principals for deeper understanding of the context. Check lists will be used while analyzing the choreography or giving feedback.

5. Enduring Understanding Students will understand how to create a dance routine for the small group. Essential Question How using choreography principals can help to create a dance routine?

6. Students will know: 1. How to work together with the group members to create a dance routine; 2. How to use resources (ex youtube) to create a dance routine; 3. How to work on Musicality of a dance routine; 4. Choreography principals;