Me After 10 Years

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Me After 10 Years by Mind Map: Me After 10 Years

1. Family

1.1. I will become a Breadwinner to my family

1.2. I will separate to my parents and will build my own family

2. Education

2.1. I will Finish my studies

2.2. I will graduate at my chosen course

3. Career

3.1. I will become a successful Computer Engineer

3.2. I will become an entrepreneur

3.3. I will become an international League of Legends player

4. As an Individual

4.1. I will contribute my works on my country

4.2. I will share my knowledge to other individual

4.3. I will be more responsible to my actions

5. Goals

5.1. I will Travel around the world

5.2. I will Have my own house

5.3. I will have may own car

6. Talents

6.1. I will improve my skill in playing Guitar