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Travel by Mind Map: Travel

1. Places

1.1. Where do most Families travel to and why is it that they travel to that place is it for Vacation, To visit Family, For a wedding.

1.2. What are the best places to Travel to

1.3. A lot of families with kids like to travel to Disney

1.4. Couples a lot of the time like to travel to tropical islands and tropical places

2. Best days and Times

2.1. The best days of the week to travel and what times of the day are the best to travel.

2.2. What are the worst Days of the week and Times of the Day to travel

2.3. Google flights shows the price of flights,how long the rides gonna be.

2.4. The best days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday

3. Cost

3.1. What is the cost for the Round Trip plane ride, Cost of hotel, How much money will be needed to go on that trip.

3.2. What is the Cost most people pay to travel or willing to pay

3.3. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday

3.4. The most expensive days to fly are Friday and Saturday

4. Airlines

4.1. What are best Airlines to take depending on where your Destination is.

4.2. What are the best prices of plane tickets to get depending on what airline your using

4.3. The best times to buy airline tickets are Tuesdays around 3pm

4.4. Connecting flights and you can find better deals with connecting flights sometimes you can get 50% cheaper then flying straight flights