Utilitarianism: Jeremy Bentham & J.S. Mill

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Utilitarianism: Jeremy Bentham & J.S. Mill by Mind Map: Utilitarianism: Jeremy Bentham & J.S. Mill

1. Bentham & Mill: Most famous supporters of Utilitarianism

2. Mill

2.1. His father greatly influenced by Benthamite Doctrine that a man's character & intellect can be determined by education.

2.2. Not allowed attend public school

2.3. Heavily educated by his father (several languages by age 8)

3. Utilitarians

3.1. Their philosophical work was an attempt to determine whether an action was right or wrong -> The Principle of Utility

3.2. An action is right if it pleases the greater number

3.3. Bentham & Mill associated this with Hedonism (Identifying happiness with pleasure)

4. Utilitarianism stresses the effects an action has.

4.1. If it is more beneficial than harmful it is right, otherwise it is not.

4.2. i.e. -> it is the consequences of an action that makes it right or wrong not the reason for doing it.

5. The main result of Utilitarianism

5.1. To separate if an action is right or wrong from whether the person who performs it is good or bad

5.2. The worth of the action should be distinguished from the worth of the agent

6. Bentham

6.1. Shy & Sensitive

6.2. Insecure around Strangers

6.3. Yet became most controversial figures in 19th Century England

6.4. Head of the PHILOSOPHICAL RADICALS (responsible for social & political changes in England)

6.5. Opposed monarchy & hereditary aristocracy

6.6. Wanted complete democracy