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Instructional Design by Mind Map: Instructional Design
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Instructional Design

Activities and Practices



social context factors

The figure shows the factors affecting teachers' planning of instructional design(Moallem, M. (1998))

Teachers knowledge,belief, theories of action

The figure shows the teacher's thinking and  the teaching process(Moallem, M. (1998))  

knowledge of context

knowledge of students

knowledge of curriculum

Pedagogical knowledge

knowlege of content



Set of events

“Instruction is a set of events that affect learners in such a way that learning is facilitated” (Gagne, R., Briggs, L. J., & Wager, W. W. (1992))

Set of prescriptions

“Instructional design theory is a set of prescriptions for determining appropriate instructional strategies to enable learners to acquire instructional goals.” (Merrill, M. D., & ID2_Research_Group. (1996).    

Set of procedural steps

ISD is a set of procedural steps emphasis on what to do (Merrill, M. D., & ID2_Research_Group. (1996).

New node

Learning Technology Design Trend

Web 2.0

mobile learning


HKedCity Learning Objects


17 Examples of Great Presentation Design Posted by Kipp Bodnar


Reflection and Recommendation

blended application

Consider situation