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Coveo Cloud by Mind Map: Coveo Cloud

1. Search

1.1. Search Page Editor

1.1.1. Components Facet Facet Range Facet Slider Sort

1.1.2. UI Setting Search interface Enable history Enable automatic responsive mode Use local storage for history Result per Page Excerpt length Hidden expression Filter field Hid until first query First loading animation Auto trigger query Endpoint Timezone Enable debug info Enable collaborative rating Enable duplicate filtering Query pipeline Maximum Age Search page URI Analytics User User display name Token Endpoint Anonymous Search hub Split test run name Split test run version Send to cloud Organization Result list Result container Result template Wait animation Wait animation container Enable infinite scrolling Mobile scroll container Fields to include Automatically select fields to include Result templates Template Option Layout Code Analytics Suggestions Omnibox z-index Header Title Number of suggestions Endpoint Endpoint ID Rest URI Username Password Access token Anonymous Query string arguments Fields Suggestions Folding Localization Pipeline Context

1.2. Pipelines

1.2.1. Reveal Training Set Update frequency Data period Train on events Condition to be applied Conditions Model Type Tune Relevance Suggest Queries Give recommendations

1.2.2. Thesaurus Expand Any Expand Replace

1.2.3. Featured Results Selected URI Contains Matches Is Expression

1.2.4. Stop Words Common Words

1.2.5. Ranking Expressions Boost Lower Expression Ranking Modifier

1.2.6. Ranking Weights Keyword proximity Keyword in concepts Item last modification Keyword in summary Keyword frequency Keyword in title

1.2.7. Triggers Notify Query Execute Function Redirect URL

1.2.8. Edit QPL

1.3. A/B Tests

1.4. Conditions

1.4.1. Operator Is Is Not Contains Doesn't Contains Matches Doesn't Matches

1.4.2. Component Advanced Query Context Device Groups Constant Query Disjunction Query Language Locale Browser Identity Search Hub Operating System Query Recommendations Tab

2. Content

2.1. Sources

2.1.1. Mapping Extraction method Literal String Metadata Apply To A Specific item type All item type All other items type

2.1.2. Security Shared Private Secured

2.2. Fields

2.2.1. Name

2.2.2. Type String Long Long 64 Decimal Date

2.2.3. Description

2.2.4. Setting Facet Multi-Value Facet Sortable

2.2.5. Advanced Setting Search Operator Displayable in results Free Text-Search Ranking Stemming User cache for sort Use cache for computed fields Computed Field Use cache for nested queries Nested Queries Use Cache for Numeric Queries

2.3. Extensions

2.3.1. Purposes Body Text Metadata Body HTML Thumbnail Original File Conversion Pre-Conversion Post-Conversion

2.4. Security Identities

2.4.1. Providers

2.4.2. Refresh

2.4.3. Activity

2.5. Content Browser

2.5.1. Properties Fields Permissions Allow Anonymous Uer Permissions Details Identity Provider Level Set Allow Anonymous User Item JSON

2.5.2. Settings Preferences Open in Outlook (when possible) Always open results in new window Index View all content Results Filtering Expressions Share Query Export to Excel

3. Organization

3.1. Groups

3.2. Members

3.3. API Access

3.3.1. Key Privileges Analytics Content Organization Search Allowed IP

3.4. Activity Browser

3.4.1. Sections Content Organization Analytics

3.4.2. States Completed Pending

3.4.3. Results Successful Aboted Failed

3.4.4. Activity

4. Analytics

4.1. Reports

4.1.1. Dashboard

4.1.2. Explorer

4.2. Visit Browser

4.3. Data Exports

4.4. Dimensions

4.4.1. Related Events Search Click Custom event

4.4.2. Type

4.5. Named Filters

4.5.1. Filters

4.6. Permissions Filters

4.6.1. Filters Dimensions Search Click Custom Triggers Is Is not Contains Does not contain

4.6.2. Identity