TCP/IP Sockets in Java

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TCP/IP Sockets in Java by Mind Map: TCP/IP Sockets  in Java

1. Classes

1.1. InetAddress

1.1.1. Inet4Address Description represents a IPv4 network destination Methods getHostAddress() getAddress() isReachable(int timeout)

1.1.2. Inet6Address represents a IPv6 network destination

1.2. SocketAddress

1.3. NetworkInterface

1.3.1. Description IP addresses assigned to this interface

1.3.2. Methods getNetworkInterfaces Returns all the interfaces on this machine. static Enumeration<NetworkInterface> getName Get the name of this network interface. string getInetAddresses Convenience method to return an Enumeration with all or a subset of the InetAddresses Enumeration<InetAddress>

2. Socket Types

2.1. Datagram

2.1.1. UDP

2.1.2. Best effort

2.1.3. Connectionless

2.2. Stream

2.2.1. TCP

2.2.2. Reliable

2.2.3. Connection oriented