Coeliac Disease

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Coeliac Disease by Mind Map: Coeliac Disease

1. What is it

1.1. Is it an allergy or disease?

1.2. Is it deadly?

1.3. If I have it, will my future children?

1.4. What does it mean?

2. Differences between Wheat Allergy, Gluten Sensitivity and Coeliac Disease

2.1. Whats the difference?

2.2. What does it mean to be one of those?

2.3. Are they allergic to different things

2.4. Which one is the worst?

2.5. Similarities and Differences

3. Statisitcs

3.1. How many people globally have CD?

3.2. Is it common or rare?

3.3. What do people know about CD?

3.4. How many have no idea what CD is?

4. Who is affected

4.1. Is it only children affected?

4.2. Would they be affected for life or does the disease wear off eventually?

4.3. Does is affect children/women/men/elderly differently than one another?

5. Where are people affected

5.1. Where in the body? The stomach/head/throat?

5.2. How can it be stopped?

5.3. Is there something you can take?

5.4. How do I know my 'stomach ache' is because of Coeliac Disease not just a stomach ache?

6. Tests

6.1. How do I know if I have CD?

7. Cures

7.1. What are the possible cures?

7.2. Is there a cure?

8. How do I get tested?

8.1. What does the test(s) involve?

8.2. Do I have to get a blood test?

8.3. How do I know I have to get tested?

8.4. Does my local doctor test me or a dietician?

8.5. Can I be tested many times?

8.6. What do I have to do before getting tested?

9. What does a Gluten Free Diet consist of?

9.1. What foods can i eat?

9.2. What food can't I eat?

9.3. Which foods are unsure?

10. Symptons

10.1. What are they?

10.2. Do I have them?

10.3. How do I know if its a CD Sympton not cancer or something else?

11. What foods groups can't Coeliacs eat?

11.1. What foods should Coeliacs stay away from?

11.2. How do I know if certain foods have gluten in them?