Atlantic Records

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Atlantic Records by Mind Map: Atlantic Records

1. Music Publishers- distribute songs, oversees songwriters and their music

1.1. Oversees the song-writing process, making sure that the lyrics to each song is in sync with each beat.

1.2. Works in a hands on manner with artists as they rehearse their songs, modifying as they go along.

1.3. Offers the artist musical advice in and throughout the song-writing, recording, and mastering processes

1.4. Publishes music to public; through albums, internet streaming, radio stations etc.

1.5. Responsible for collecting royalty monies on behalf of the artists and their intellectual property on a global spectrum, for the use of music.

2. A&R Managers- trained professionals who knows the music industry well; down to trending music styles and the music styles that sell. Guides artists in the intended direction.

2.1. Generally the ones who locates the talent; see's "what their working with", and proceeds to signing them if they voice the part.

2.2. The artists' central connection to the label itself and source of information about events surrounding the label.

2.3. Responsible for arranging; recording sessions, concerts, interviews, promotional events, etc.

2.4. Gives the artist insight on their brand. How to brand themselves in their music according to their personal brand.

2.5. Develops a promotional premise for the artist based on their personal brand; covers, promotions, etc.

3. Music Coaches- are specialized in a specific genre of music, works with artists to grasp these concepts.

3.1. Listens to artists' songs, frequently attends the artist's recording sessions.

3.2. Gives input and suggestions on specific songs, and how the artist can appeal to their intended genre more efficiently.

3.3. Escorts the artist to promotional functions, and to other events that involve artist branding.

3.4. Keeps the artist informed about their album progress, and how they're doing compared to competition.

3.5. Attends and oversees recording sessions, gives artists' feedback about how to make the song more powerful or touching.

4. Commercial Licensing Advisors- seeks out professional licensing opportunities for artists to help their music appeal to more people; target marketing

4.1. Responsible for seeking out and finding licensing opportunities for the artist's music.

4.2. Finds sponsors to license artist's music in exchange for promotion for promotion.

4.3. Gets the artist's music licensed for use, and copy written to avoid fraudulent acts; stealing, plagiarism, etc.

4.4. Licenses the artist's music for use on internet streaming sources, You-tube, commercials etc.

4.5. Searches for licensing partnerships with sponsors and endorsers to license a specific amount of the artist's songs.

5. Branding Partnership Advisors- seeks out professional branding opportunities for artists, target marketing

5.1. Responsible for finding companies or brands who would endorse the artist.

5.2. Negotiates endorsement and sponsorship deals for the promotion and marketing of the artist.

5.3. Gets popular/ big time companies to let artist endorse their brand for a dual endorsement value.

5.4. Partners artist with companies that have commercial time; and make trades for the artist to be promoted in a commercial in exchange for a clip of one of the artists songs, for their promotional needs.

5.5. Gets artists to give favorable recognition to local and internet radio station on interviews, podcasts, and promotional events for airtime.