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Naplan by Mind Map: Naplan

1. What is naplan?

1.1. National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy

1.2. Assessing students in years 3,5,7 and 9

2. Pros

2.1. gives teachers guidance

2.2. analyse how well schools are preforming

2.3. identify schools with particular needs

3. how/why does naplan work

3.1. assess students knowledge and skills

3.2. Are schools meeting expectations?

3.3. how does Australia compare to other western countries?

3.4. How were results previously found?

4. cons

4.1. Does it give parents high expectations?

4.2. puts stress on students and teachers

4.3. fear of failure for students

5. Naplan moving to online by 2019

5.1. Will NAPLAN continue in the future?

5.2. Will it be beneficial?