NAPLAN Testing

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NAPLAN Testing by Mind Map: NAPLAN Testing

1. Purpose

1.1. To group children into the right levels of education

1.2. To prepare children for Exams later on in life

1.3. To test them on reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy skills

2. Impact on Students

2.1. Primary school principals believe that NAPLAN tests are having a negative impact on schooling. They say it has a negative impact on student well-being, curriculum and teaching practices and that considerable time is spent on preparing for the tests

3. Changes that can be made

3.1. Do tests online instead of by hand

3.2. Stop testing on children as young as year 3

3.3. Not make the outcome of the tests so important for their future

4. Pros

4.1. Successful way of assessing children and young adults' intelligence and personal growth

4.2. Helps group people into their appropriate level of education and study

4.3. Shows individuals strengths and weakness.

4.4. Shows what areas people need to improve on

5. Cons

5.1. A lot of stress on young children to preform well on all topics

5.2. Can be a confidence breaker for the younger students

5.3. Can make children give up at an early age if they don't do well

6. What is NAPLAN?

6.1. National Assessment Programme for Literature And Numercy

6.2. A set of tests preformed by years 3,5,7 and 9

6.3. Used to test reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy skills.