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Comparing MindJet and MindMeister by Mind Map: Comparing MindJet and MindMeister
4.6 stars - 5 reviews range from 0 to 5

Comparing MindJet and MindMeister


Key Features

Desktop App

Integration to MS Office Apps

Add icons and images from its library and user defined

Rich UI, Office2007 look and feel on PC

Rich features: templates, shapes, layouts,

No auto save



PC, Supports MS Office Integration

Mac, No Office Integration

Out of the world Features

Tightly integrated to Office

Great Image and Icon support

Great layout support

Many start-up templates

Review Support

Auto-generate Powerpoint

Save as XML for export

Remarkable color and graphic support

Has a dummies book

Let Downs

No default Collaboration, Can be subscribed for $35/month

No autosave

Can't publish the Map

Full featured but high price, You don't need all the features

Common Features

East to start

Fun to use

Fast learning curve

Simple to Complex Maps in no time

Addictive to use

Common Deficiencies

Not suited for progress tracking

Try explaining what the tool is to others


Key Features

Web based

No software installation

Always saved, Where is that save button?

Instant sharing with everyone, Many public MindMaps available to Browse


Free with limitations

$5.99/month full featured



Out of the world Features

Always Saved

Publish instantly


In the Cloud, Always on latest version, Continuous Upgrades

Send Ideas via Email, From any client

Mac Dashboard support

View many public Maps from users

Let downs

Free version has no image and attachment support

Final Decision:

Go with Mindmeister

Start with Free version

If your needs evolve pay $5.99.month

Setup email and Jott