Social Media in the Criminal Justice System.

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Social Media in the Criminal Justice System. by Mind Map: Social Media in the Criminal Justice System.

1. What is social Media?

1.1. Websites

1.2. Apps

1.2.1. Facebook

1.2.2. Twitter

1.2.3. Skype

1.2.4. Snapchat

1.2.5. Tinder

1.3. Internet platform for communication

1.3.1. A place to create and share content or participate in social networking

2. Pros of Social Media.

2.1. Keeps you connected

2.1.1. Friends and family

2.1.2. Sharing captured moments

2.2. News

2.2.1. keeps you up to date with current news and events

2.3. Businesses

2.3.1. Advertising of new and old businesses

2.3.2. Can reach out to all different audiences

2.4. Law

2.4.1. Police have access

2.4.2. real alerts on current events and incidents

3. Cons of Social Media.

3.1. Criminals

3.1.1. finding victims whose profiles aren't priavte

3.1.2. identity theft using someone elses photos and information and pretending to be them

3.2. Keyboard warriors

3.2.1. cyber bullying long term effects such as depression and suicide

3.3. children

3.3.1. child grooming pedophilia

3.3.2. finding out too much about children likes whereabouts

3.3.3. parents not monitoring childrens accounts

4. What is the Criminal Justice System?

4.1. Law enforcement

4.1.1. report

4.1.2. investigate

4.1.3. arrest

4.2. Corrections

4.2.1. officers supervise offenders in prison make sure facilities are safe and secure oversee release process and notify victims probation or parole

4.3. Courts

4.3.1. judges law is followed oversee trial plea argument sentence convicted offenders

5. Pros of the Criminal Justice System.

5.1. Law enforcement

5.1.1. getting criminals off our streets serving time for their offences

5.1.2. lower crime rate

5.2. Corrections

5.2.1. offenders can attend a rehabilitation cenrte

5.3. Courts

5.3.1. bringing in harsher penalties for criminals/offenders

6. Cons of the Criminal Justice System.

6.1. Law enforcement

6.1.1. don't always act straight away

6.2. Corrections

6.2.1. offenders/criminals getting released back into the public

6.3. Courts

6.3.1. wrong convitions

6.3.2. court hearing are adjourned for months sometimes years