Factors Influencing Lin's School Life

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Factors Influencing Lin's School Life by Mind Map: Factors Influencing Lin's School Life

1. Celebrate Diversity! Lin shares her heritage through food and customs.

2. Multilingual Approach in Math: Lin often uses her first language to count etc.

3. living in small "rural" community with limited resources for new Canadians

4. feedback provided to parents to be translated into Arabic by interpreter

5. Cultural Factors

5.1. born in Syria, lived in Lebanon in refugee camp

5.2. arrived in Canada last year via France

5.3. sponsored by local church group

5.4. First language is Arabic

6. Physical and Psychological Factors

6.1. in good health

6.2. has some memories of refugee camp and recurring worries/fear about family still left behind in Lebanon

6.3. watching a lot of "pirated" television from Lebanon and this keeps Lin constantly aware of the struggles of family left behind in Allepo

7. Personal and Family Factors

7.1. older sister 2 grades ahead, spending time with her on yard/recess

7.2. new baby in home

7.3. dad works long hours

7.4. dad goes into city daily (driven by volunteers) to take ESL classes (not offered in community)

7.5. community caring for the family with grocery runs, driving to appointments

8. The Learning Environment

8.1. is in a split grade 2/3

8.2. Receives both in-class and partial withdrawl from ESL teacher

8.3. ESL teacher does home visits montly with family to increase school/home communication

8.4. Has access to chromebooks for google translate etc.

8.5. Reads books in Arabic on Book FLicks

9. Previous Schooling Performance

9.1. some interruption to schooling during time spent in refugee camp

9.2. scaffolding being provided for Lin in the classroom (i.e. cloze passages for science units, fill in the blanks and word banks)

10. Academic Achievement

10.1. Grade 2/3 achievement in math

10.2. Step 1 ELL

10.3. PM Benchmark 15 (but with limited comprehension)

10.4. Experiencing difficulty with content literacy and vocabulary in science/social studies

10.5. is very keen, eager to please and motivated to learn

10.6. no Special Education concerns at this time

10.7. working on identity text so her "voice" can be heard

10.8. Approaching Step 3 in Mathematics

11. Continuing Challenges and possible implications down the road...

11.1. content area vocabulary

11.1.1. post anchor charts, pre-teach vocabulary, co-create visual/dual-language word banks for content area

11.2. social/friendship building with peers (not only her sister)

11.3. needs more time with vocabulary building tasks

11.4. differentiation techniques need to be in place (extra time, access to pre-teaching, visual displays, preferential seating)

12. Solutions for Lin

12.1. Suggestion to form a cooking club to include Lin and her mom.

12.1.1. Continue to encourage partnerships with classmates/peer tutoring

12.2. increase involvement in extra curricular i.e.choir, sports, dance etc to help with friendships

12.3. cookbook project for Lin to use her writing and get help at home with Mom (dual language home/school connect) *Rich and authentic task for Lin to share with family

12.4. continue to encourage partnerships and collaborative groups to help her form friendships and have access to language models

12.5. provide more tools for vocabulary development (Personal dictionnary, anchor charts, technology etc)

13. Modifications and Accommodations!

14. Use Arabic resources developed by Thornwood Public school:http://www.thornwoodps.ca/dual/books/arabic/0arabic.htm