Merchant Directory

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Merchant Directory by Mind Map: Merchant Directory

1. Process

1.1. New Community

1.2. Make a list

1.3. Put in our canonical Excel format

1.3.1. Must handle BATCH input

1.3.2. maybe a form, with error checking

1.4. Export as CSV ??

1.5. Run a local test using a tool we provide

1.5.1. Do as much error checking as possible there

1.6. Send us the cleaned list

1.7. We import to Salesforce

1.7.1. SalesForce is great!

1.7.2. Salesforce is our master copy???

1.7.3. Salesforce assigns unique ID for Merchant?

1.8. More error checking

1.9. merge with duplicates

1.10. Export as XML

1.10.1. convert to SQL statements

1.11. Import to MySQL

2. Data concerns

2.1. need error checking on entry

2.1.1. new users have little training

2.2. where is the master copy?

2.3. Difficult to extend CSV based schema

3. Standards

3.1. 3-4 letter acronym for each program (BCC, KAL)

3.2. Always use acronym to start file names (e.g. KAL-merchants.csv)

4. Questions

4.1. What do these groups have in common?

4.1.1. Merchant

4.1.2. Cardholder

4.1.3. Beneficiary

4.1.4. Local Partner

4.2. What differentiates the Merchant Directory from listings of the four groups?

4.3. Can we build a merchant directory that has groundwork for other Interra business needs?

4.4. What happens when a local partner withdraws or is removed from the program?

4.5. How do we know when Merchants close?

4.5.1. Updates from community

4.5.2. Updates from Merchants

5. Salesforce Import Changes

5.1. Changes to Salesforce Account

5.1.1. Added ContactName

5.1.2. Added BusinessCategories (text, semicolon-separated)

5.1.3. added BusinessEmail

5.2. Changes to Import format

5.2.1. Added Program of Origin

5.2.2. Changed Business Categories (remove [' '], replace comma w/semicolon)

5.2.3. Remove Email column (using BusinessEmail)

5.2.4. Removed AccountSite (using Shipping Address)

5.2.5. Removed ContactPhone (using Phone)

5.2.6. Added "Account" to Phone and Fax, renamed street addresses according to the Help advice in SF