6.3 Summary

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6.3 Summary by Mind Map: 6.3 Summary

1. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

1.1. Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in Judea

1.2. The date is uncertain but is thought to have been around 6 to 4 BC

1.3. Jesus was both Jewish and Roman

2. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

2.1. Paul had an enormous influence on Christianitys development

2.2. Christians refused to worship Roman gods

2.3. Jesus's teachings did not contradict Jewish law

2.4. Despite persecution, Christianity became a powerful religious force

3. Jews Come Under Roman Rule

3.1. Roman power spread to Judea, the home of the Jews, around 63BC.

3.2. Jewish kings ruled as representatives of Rome.

3.3. In order to control Rome they gave religious matters and local affairs to the Jewish court

4. A World Religion

4.1. Bishops supervised several local churches

4.2. As Christianity grew disagreements about beliefs developed among its followers

4.3. One of Augustines most famous books is "The City of God"

4.4. Also influential in defining church teachings were several early writers and scholars who have been called the Fathers of the church

4.5. A critical moment in christianity occurred in A.D. 312 when the Roman emperor Constantine was fighting three rivals for his title