The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. Life and Teachings of Jesus

1.1. Jesus' message

1.1.1. He began to teah about Monotheism and the 10 commandments. Later he wrote information about life and teachings.

1.2. Jesus' Death

1.2.1. Roman and Jewish leaders concerned about his growing popularity so they crucified him on a wooden cross.

1.2.2. Followers of Jesus got stronger after his death which were led by Peter, the first apostle. they spread the teaching throughout Palestine and Syria.

2. A World Religion

2.1. Early Christian Church

2.1.1. Roman Empire had a hierarchy, at the local level priest led small group of christians and a bishop led several local churches

2.2. Constantine Accepts Christainity

2.2.1. Constantine saw a sign and then ordered artisans to put the christian symbol on their shields. He then gave all credit for his success of the christian God. This strength christianity and became the empire's official religion.

2.3. Discord and Harmony

2.3.1. As the religion grew, so did the disagreements about believing amoung the followers. Constantine brought all the leaders of the church and wrote the basic beliefs of the church to end the disputes.

3. Jews come under Roman rule

3.1. Roman power spread to Judea

3.1.1. Romans wanted to Romanize Jerusalem and finally took control in 6a.d.

4. Christianity Spreads Throughout the Empire

4.1. Pauls Mission

4.1.1. He had a major influence on development of christianity. He traveled freely from city to city to preach about christianity and wrote letters to groups of believers about Jesus' death for their sins.

4.2. Jewish Rebellion

4.2.1. Jews rebelled against Roman rule twice and failed both attempts. Although Jews left their homeland to Diaspora, the Jewish religion survived.

4.3. Persecution of the Christians

4.3.1. Christians refused to believe in Roman Gods so Emperors exiled, inprisoned, or executed Christians for refusing to believe.