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Red Oak 1-2-1 by Mind Map: Red Oak 1-2-1
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Red Oak 1-2-1

Project Red

Red Oak Community Schools is committed to a future that enriches the lives of our students with the values and skills necessary to navigate the changing world of tomorrow. We are therefore entering into a technology initiative that will: • Allow for the all-encompassing use of technology by teachers, students, staff, and administration to allow for individualized instruction and self-directed learning; • Prepare students with the skill set of the 21st Century Learner and Professional; • Prepare students to compete in a global society; • Engage students in a medium in which they are familiar; • Allow students to create content which will demonstrate a deeper understanding of the curriculum with which they are engaged; • Promote student abilities in critical analysis of multiple resources on the same topic; drawing a conclusion based upon the various information and defending their position on the topic.


Internet Service Provider

Fiber Provider

Internet Connection Speed

Fiber Connection

Current Speeds

Why do we need more bandwidth?

Increased use of the Internet in classrooms and for  adminative purposes has slowed us down.  Streaming video and the increased use of Web 2.0 tools impact our speed. Increased connection speeds between buildings will allow us to centralize servers and provide us better use of the accounting system



Operating System


Starting Grade Level

Middle School and High School

Professional Development

Maryann Angeroth-AEA

Why 1-2-1?

1-2-1 Iowa Wiki



Career & Technical Ed.


Inform Parents and Community

Kiwanis Club presentation (BD)


Acceptaable Use Policy

Laptop Policies

Parent/Student/School Agreements

Vision Statement



Curriculum/Professional Dev./Grade Level

We have decided to go 6-12We are currently making changes in our curriculumOur professional development plan has been mapped out

Why 1:1 /Parent-Community Awareness/Website

Policies & Procedures

Learning Management Systems




Decision made to go with Schoology


Teachers K-12



Carrying Bags