"Should Parents Help Kids With Homework"

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"Should Parents Help Kids With Homework" by Mind Map: "Should Parents Help Kids With Homework"

1. I think parents should not help their kids with homework.

1.1. Reason 2: Parents could compromise the homework grade that reflects onto test.

1.1.1. Evidence: “A groundbreaking study published last January by two university professors, called The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children's Education, found that kids who got extensive help from their parents scored worse on standardized tests than kids who managed homework on their own. (Goldstein, "Don't Help Your Kids With Homework")” More Evidence: “In an attempt to show whether the kids of more-involved parents improved over time, the researchers indexed these measures to children’s academic performance, including test scores in reading and math. What they found surprised them. Most measurable forms of parental involvement seem to yield few academic dividends for kids, or even to backfire—regardless of a parent’s race, class, or level of education.('Should Parents Help Kids With Homework?',20 )”

1.2. Reason 1: Parents are not helping kids do homework but doing their homework.

1.2.1. Evidence: “Once kids enter middle school, parental help with homework can actually bring test scores down, an effect could be caused by the fact that many parents started doing all the homework and telling them all the right answers for you and you don’t learn anything.(Goldstein, "Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework")” More evidence: “Could helping your child with homework be helping or actually hurting? Many experts say yes, especially when parents cross the line of helping and doing. ('Should Parents Help Their Kids With Homework?', 21)”

1.3. Reason 3: Helping your kids with homework just doesn't help.

1.3.1. Evidence:"Do you review your daughter’s homework every night? Robinson and Harris’s data, published in The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children’s Education, show that this won’t help her score higher on standardized tests."(Goldstein, Don't Help Your Kids With Homework). More evidence: "Many educators agree that if students can't do the homework that's assigned, they should let the teacher know so they can get the extra help they need. And yes, kids may be busy, but part of growing up is learning to balance extracurricular activities with the demands of schoolwork."("Should Parents Help Their Kids With Homework?", 20)

1.4. Counter argument: You may say that it is okay for parents to check their kids homework.

1.4.1. Well that is just as bad! Will the teacher check your test, your STAAR test, your standardized test? No! So even if you ask for your parents to check your homework just know it will not help it will hurt.