Pitching My Future Employer

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Pitching My Future Employer by Mind Map: Pitching My Future Employer

1. What is my true message/big idea?

1.1. Reason for doing the presentation/ The result I'm hoping to get

1.1.1. Live out my dreams land a job at that their studio, and show them what I have to offer. I want to bring something new to their table. I want to be an asset to Riot and the gaming indursty

1.1.2. The result I'm hoping to get is for Riot Games to see me as fresh breath of air to their company. Positive and negative feedback.

1.1.3. I want my presentation to resonate with them. I want them to remember me when there interviewing other people. I want for them to be like man this presentation is nothing compare to Joe's.

2. My future self?

2.1. My qualities

2.1.1. Optimistic Always look at the glass as being half filled Always thinking outside of the box

2.1.2. Creative Musical/poetry Artistic

2.1.3. Dreamer Set goals start and finish them Always trying to learn more

2.1.4. Hardworking Tentative Diligent

2.1.5. Intuitive Go out of my way for others Listening skills are on point

2.2. My uniqueness

2.2.1. Hobbies Skateboarding Airsofting

2.2.2. Attitude Outgoing Winning mentality

2.2.3. Style Flashy/bold Trendsetter

2.2.4. Language Spanish English

2.2.5. Full sail student

2.3. How I will excel in the industry

2.3.1. Bring something new to the table

2.3.2. Brand myself

2.3.3. Networking

2.3.4. Never stop learning

2.4. My hardware/software skills I mastered

2.4.1. Software Photoshop Illustrator Sketchbook pro Unity pro 4 3ds max

2.4.2. Hardware Mac Windows Cintiq tablet

2.5. My specialty in my degree

2.5.1. Character animator

2.5.2. 3D animator

2.5.3. Concept artist

2.6. My unique interests

2.6.1. Making gaming content my niche How to keep gamers attention on art

2.6.2. Learning how to do code so i can do more

2.7. Portfolio goals internships that makes me a qualified candidate

2.7.1. Portfolio Building a 2 year portfolio Characters 3D animator

2.7.2. Internships Blizzard Bungie

3. Who is my Audience? Riot Games

3.1. What we have in common

3.1.1. Passion about video games

3.1.2. Gaming arts

3.1.3. Entertainment

3.1.4. The love of creating

3.1.5. The love playing video games

3.2. Skills for Riot Games

3.2.1. Creating the visual elements to a video game Concept art 3D modeling 2D texture art Animatation

3.2.2. values that are important Players experience Challenge conventions Focus on talent and team Take play seriously Stay hungry, stay humble

3.2.3. Job requirements in the industry Background in art Education Knowledge of software

3.3. Interesting points about Riot Games

3.3.1. They are a big scene in the pc industry

3.3.2. It's a 1.6 billion dollar company

3.3.3. Their story on how the started out

3.4. Why do I find them interesting

3.4.1. The Passion they have

3.4.2. Their teams are the best at what they do

3.4.3. How they built their brand from nothing

3.4.4. The hard work they put into to their game

3.5. Valuable strategies/techniques I would use for this kind of industry

3.5.1. Presentation explanatory Oral presentation Smooth delivery

3.5.2. Story Dramatic Visual media Emotional storytelling

4. Presentation flow

4.1. Beginning: Consider how you will quickly resonate with your audience by identifying a story that expresses your desire to work in your chosen industry.

4.1.1. I will quickly Resonate with my audience by identifying why I became so passionate about making art for video games. The 1st time I told myself I wanted to make video game art was when I was 5 years old. I started playing a new game it was call Kid Chameleon. I was lost is the artwork, I thought it was the coolest thing ever that the main character could pick up a mask and change into someone else. The game was by far one of the hardest games I ever played. The funny thing is I would not stop playing it. 3 years later another game came along, and took my passion further down its path. Its was 1995 and the game Comix Zone fell in my lap. Wow I was so impressed by the environment. It was like you were a hero in a comic book. Moving through the game was like you were reading the action and it was coming alive as you kept going on. The concept was mind blowing for an 8 year old. I knew right then and there what my dream job was. I remember drawing my own characters day in and day out, and making stories up for them. I even made game art covers and taped them on the game cases.

4.2. Middle: Now that you have connected with the audience, demonstrate you are a qualified candidate based on the research you did to describe your “future self”.

4.2.1. Throughout my experience in Full Sail as student and with my internship, I believe to have what it takes to become apart of the Riot Game Studio. As an artist, the school I attended and the internship it has shaped me into the ideal Artist. I graduated from Full Sail with a bachelor's degree in the game arts. With this being said I know what it takes to be a top notch artist in the gaming industry. My specialty is in character animation and concept art. I been building my portfolio since I start attending Full Sail and I do not plan on stopping until I have one that stands out. My software knowledge is up to date with the industries demand. I'm fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator,Sketchbook Pro, Unity Pro 4, and 3D's Max. The hardware Knowledge I've gained so far include Mac, Windows. and the Cintiq tablet. How I plain on excel in the industry is by Branding myself, networking. I plain on Learning as much as I can so I can better myself, So I that can bring something new to the industry. The qualities I obtained in life come from a genuine place. I'm a creative hardworking optimistic person.

4.3. End: Communicate what you want to accomplish in the industry, and what you can do for your targeted audience

4.3.1. What I'm trying to accomplish in the industry is milestone, where the art and the game play flow together beautifully. I want to work with a studio that cares about there game enough not to rush it out into the world. That they wait until it's ready for the gamers to enjoy, and spend endless hours of playing it. We will accomplish a fresh breath back into the gaming industry. I will be able to give you a competitive edge in your game's artwork.

4.4. What STAR moments will you use? Be sure to plan the important takeaways for your audience. (From Resonate: STAR: Something They’ll Always Remember).

4.4.1. My start moment is I wanna bring some new fresh ideas to the gaming industry. That makes the games look great and plays great flawlessly together.

4.5. Why

4.5.1. Why is this is important to me because I've been playing games since I was 2 years old. I feel like games either have really good art and the game play is not good. Or the game play is really good and the art is ok. I want to bring a healthy balance back to the gaming world. Where games look and play great.

4.6. How

4.6.1. How I plan on doing this is to find like minded people, that feel the same way as i do and want to make a change. I want to start a movement. We need to bring good games back.

4.7. What

4.7.1. What we need to do is stop letting money rush game development. We need to stop playing this games that are not worth the time or the money. We need to revamp the way games are being made and take the time to make games great again.