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Fit2Quit by Mind Map: Fit2Quit

1. Why not to smoke:

1.1. Ingredients in cigarettes are toxic

1.1.1. Arsenic, tar, nicotine, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc.

1.2. Continued smoking causes several diseases

1.2.1. Lung cancer, stomach cancer, mouth/throat cancer, loss of vision, etc.

1.3. Smoking kills

1.3.1. 6 million deaths worldwide annually, 41,000 from secondhand smoke (U.S.)

2. Benefits of quitting:

2.1. Prevent disease

2.2. Become as healthy as a non-smoker

2.3. Reduce risk of disease of others

3. How to stop smoking:

3.1. Find smoking alternatives

3.1.1. Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs,) etc.

3.2. Explore different therapy options

3.2.1. Chatting with councilors/therapists, alternative methods (hypnotherapy, acupuncture.)

3.3. Get help managing withdrawls

3.3.1. Use your alternatives, find safer habits to keep the mouth busy (chewing gum.)