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mind mapping without seeing? by Mind Map: mind mapping without
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mind mapping without seeing?



iThoughtsHD for iPad, with VoiceOver, @assistivetek

Inspiration software, built in talking/listening interface., @VisualLeap

Mind maps can be represented as outlines., Org-mode can make outlines, standard download, for OS X, Org-mode files, are easy to navigate, are probably well- supported by Emacspeak., verification needed, Emacs info, Windows, OS X, Linux, Can be exported to, Freemind, can export, structured HTML, OPML, text files, information, download, Freeplane, more capabilities, download, @sachac

Inspiration, talking/listening interface, @VisualLeap, requested details

CMap Tools, prepare propos- itions as text, spreadsheet, dictation software, import text, Makes concept map, may need, manual support, additional editing, optimizing layout, Brian Moon, verified, "I just tried it with MacSpeech Dictate and MS Excel", Alberto J. Cañas, concept mapping software for blind students., developed by Jaime Sanchez, University of Chile, Find out current status, @roygrubb has emailed Prof. Sanchez

generally:, branches have, differently pitched voices, becomes the 'locator' or 'identifier', node points, unique identifier sound effect, different musical instrument, "soundscapes", as in Myst games, @roygrubb, multiple branches, pitch of the note, Low near the trunk, High on the outskirts, musical loop, identify branch, Roy Blumenthal

verbal descriptive framework, @fredlakin

JAWS and ZoomText/Reader, the student has JAWS, but not ZoomText/Reader, Brian Friedlander (aka @assistivetek)

touch + sound

Livescribe pen, plus raised line drawing kit, Untitled, @roygrubb

"plan.b", translates digital maps (geographical ones), applicable to mind maps?, tactile maps, sound components, prototype only, ORIKO, @vicgee

"Virtual Maps For The Blind", haptic (touch- active) feedback, on a joystick, for virtual worlds, applicable to mind maps?, @roygrubb, has written to author, Dr. Lahav


3D printers, @roygrubb

"Full Screen" displays, Electroactive polymer, Choosing, NC State, Untitled, @fredlakin

touch screen, + smart glove, pin like matrix in the fingertips, Would need a text-to-braille interface, Neil Auty

Personal help offered

Leo Roman




successful, Special pen, raises paper surface, writes Braille, so can both, draw the line, write on it, shading and shadow missed, trainer, prepared, drew the images pressing hard, felt by touch, @jamienast

thick paper, stylus, gouge out, lines, forms, textures, words, braille writer, glue, write with the stylus, Roberta Faulhaber

stiff paper/thin card, branches, string, glue gun, thick plastic glue, varied in, width, texture, helped order to be recalled, Student, sight was failing, sat exams, question read to them, scribe wrote answers given, achieved high grades, Tim Fulford

Wikki Stix, Untitled, Brandy Agerbeck

Sticky plastic for mosaics, place objects, differentiate, texture, shape, type words on Braille typewriter, cut them out, stick them as needed, equivalent of a visual mindmap, explore by touch, Roberta Faulhaber

focus on feeling, smelling, Lego, wood, plastic of different, densities, weights, textures, add sounds, connectors, strings of plastic, cotton, coir, wool, copper, Raju Mandhyan

raised maps, developed for City of Geneva, Idriss Ait-Bouziad





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